Robert holds his memory pillow
An elderly man suffering with dementia was surprised with a memory pillow featuring his late wife - leaving him beaming from ear to ear.
A blind die-hard high school football fan was brought to tears in front of an entire faculty when pupils surprised him with a pair of life-changing glasses that would allow him to see.
A stunned mom leaped out of her chair with joy when she suddenly realized her Navy son, who she had not seen for a year, was sitting opposite her in a business meeting.
conch shell proposal
A woman couldn't believe her eyes when a conch shell found on her favorite beach had a message inside from her partner asking her to marry him.
Three siblings thought they were simply picking up awards at school - only to be surprised with the greatest trophy of all as their military dad surprised them after returning home.
A stepfather burst into tears as his stepdaughter presented him with a surprise card with a message inside asking him to adopt her.
board game proposal
A boyfriend ingeniously proposed to his partner during a game night by rigging the cards in board game Clue for his partner to discover.
dog rescue
A couple driving through churning flood waters were shocked to discover a man and his dog trapped in the midst of the rising water, stopping to help them into their truck to safety.
A navy commander was brought to tears when he arrived at school to surprise his son who has a rare brain condition after almost eight months away on deployment.
A sweet video shows the moment a daughter shouts words of encouragement to her mom during a training run as she embarks on her fitness journey.