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Second-Graders Learn Sign Language to Greet Their Deaf Teacher

Kim Peyton, a deaf teacher in New Jersey, is greeted by her second-graders in sign language every morning. The students, who are a mixture of regular and special education students, have learned sign language so that they can communicate with their teacher. The heartwarming video of the students greeting their teacher has gone viral, and Peyton says she hopes it will inspire other schools to introduce sign language to their students.

Four-Year-Old Overcomes Pre-School Fears With Array of Amazing Superhero Costumes

Chase Stowell, 4, was nervous about starting preschool. So his dad, Craig came up with a plan and allowed him to wear his favorite costumes instead of regular clothes, and Chase's confidence soared.

Teenager Gets Double Dose of Good News at Graduation: Diploma and Military Dad’s Return

Natalie Villafana, 18, received a double dose of good news at her high school graduation when her military dad, MSgt. Samuel Villafana, 36, surprised her on stage after six months serving overseas. The wholesome moment was captured on video and went viral.

Couple Reveals Pregnancy to Parents With Ultrasounds Inside Diploma Covers

Adrianna and Colby Cabatu, who were both graduating with MBAs from Louisiana State University in Shreveport, decided to use their graduation ceremony to surprise their parents with the news that they were expecting their first child. They hid ultrasound photos inside their diploma covers, and when their parents opened them, they were overjoyed.
Rebecca reads the book as she descends from 13,000ft during the skydive

Third-Grade Teacher Reads Book to New Class While Skydiving

Rebecca Muir, a third-grade teacher in Virginia, wanted to do something unique to welcome her new class this year. So she decided to skydive 13,000 feet while reading a book to them. The video of her skydiving and reading went viral, and her students are sure never to forget their first day of school.

Kids Choose Their Own Greetings to Start the School Day in a Positive Way

These preschoolers start their day by choosing between a variety of fun greetings for each other after their teacher wanted to encourage positive interactions.

First-Generation Graduate Places Cap and Gown on Parents to Thank Them for Their Sacrifices

A first-generation college graduate celebrated with her proud parents by emotionally placing her cap and gown on them.

Organ Recipient Travels to Donor’s Brother’s Graduation so He Can Be There in Spirit

The organ donor recipient of a boy who tragically died aged 18 attended their donor’s younger sibling’s graduation so their brother “could be there with him”.

Boy Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Long-Distance Dad at Graduation

A  boy struggled to hold back tears when he was surprised by his father - who traveled 2000 miles to be there - at his fifth-grade graduation.

Act of Kindness Goes Viral as Boy Returns Cap to Friend in Wheelchair

A video of a boy returning a fellow student's cap in a wheelchair has gone viral, touching the hearts of people worldwide. The video shows Max Carrillo, 18, frantically searching for the cap of his friend Kai Corral, 18, who is in a wheelchair. After finding the cap, Max runs over to Kai and hands it back to her. The two friends then celebrate together.