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Heartwarming stories of friendship – from best friends reuniting, to inspiring gestures.

Best Friend’s Newborn Miracle Baby Named After Her in Emotional Surprise

A woman bawled happy tears when her best friend introduced her to her 'miracle' baby that she had named after her.

Loving Sister Secretly Flies to Hawaii to Hide in the Bleachers and Surprise Her...

A sister surprised her college volleyball playing sister by showing up in the bleachers to her tournament game.

Twins Who Had Never Been Separated Giggle With Joy on First Day of Preschool...

Twins Alivia and Stylez Soto giggled with joy when they reunited after being separated for the first time in their lives.
The boys share a hug

Best Friends Reunited After School Move Share Emotional Hug

Zane and Zion, two four-year-old best friends from Phoenix, Arizona, were separated when they were moved into the schooling system. After six or seven weeks apart, their moms planned a surprise playdate at a trampoline park, and the boys' emotional reunion was captured on video and went viral.

Boy’s Tearful Reunion With Best Friend After 18 Months Apart Goes Viral

7-year-old Adrian was heartbroken when his best friend Jax moved away. But when Jax's family surprised Adrian with a visit, the tears of sadness turned to tears of joy. Watch the heartwarming video of their reunion.

Childhood Best Friends Fight Back Tears as They Reunite Following Cross-Country Move

A pair of childhood best friends were brought to floods of happy tears when they finally reunited by surprise two and a half years after one family moved across the country.

Retired Army Sergeant Stunned by Surprise Reunion With Battle Buddy After 12 Years

A retiring Army sergeant was left stunned when his military battle buddy who he hadn't seen in 12 years travelled across the country to surprise him at his retirement party. The two men met while attending basic training in 2010 and quickly bonded over their shared experiences. They remained close friends even after they were deployed to different parts of the world. The surprise reunion was captured on video and has since gone viral, with people from all over the world sharing their reactions to the heartwarming moment.

Act of Kindness Goes Viral as Boy Returns Cap to Friend in Wheelchair

A video of a boy returning a fellow student's cap in a wheelchair has gone viral, touching the hearts of people worldwide. The video shows Max Carrillo, 18, frantically searching for the cap of his friend Kai Corral, 18, who is in a wheelchair. After finding the cap, Max runs over to Kai and hands it back to her. The two friends then celebrate together.

Childhood Bestie Since Second Grade Whose Family Moved State When Pair Were 11 Surprised...

A childhood bestie whose family moved state when the pair were 11 was surprised by her friend in a now viral video.

Grandma Screams in Shock When Her Best Friend of 60-Plus Years Travels Across the...

A grandma let out a shocked scream when her best friend of more than 60 years traveled across the country to surprise her.
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