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How Running Transformed a Prisoner into an Ultramarathon Champion

From prison to world records – discover the extraordinary story of John McAvoy, an ex-convict who found freedom and inspiration through ultramarathon running.

Woman Loses 190 Pounds After Realizing She Couldn’t Get on the Floor to Play...

A woman who committed to losing weight after not being able to get down on the floor to play with her toddler nephew has now lost a staggering 190 pounds.

Hundreds of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Rescued in Mass Community Effort

A huge community effort in Texas has saved 950 cold-stunned sea turtles after a sudden drop in temperatures.

New Dolls Championing Inclusivity and Disability Awareness Launched

A startup company named The Doll For All has introduced a line of dolls designed to reflect the experiences of children with limb differences.

Man Honored After Completing Act of Kindness Everyday for Three Years

A teenager has been honored for carrying out an act of kindness everyday for three years.

Writer’s Gift Cards Offer Bite-Sized Hope to the Homeless

An author is warming hearts and stomachs across the US with his unique brand of philanthropy: "kindness cards."

Woman’s Dying Wish to Help Strangers Buried Under Medical Debt Raises $1million

A woman whose dying wish was to raise money to help pay for people's burdensome medical debt has raised more than $1million.

Teenagers Hailed as Heroes After Rescuing Family Pinned Under Car

Dozens of students helped lift a car off a mother and her children following a vehicle accident in their school parking lot.

Coast Guard Rescues Dog That Fell off 300-Foot Cliff

In a heartwarming and heroic tale , a U.S. Coast Guard aircrew based in Astoria rescued a dog who had fallen 300 feet off a cliff.

Toddler With Down Syndrome Beams With Joy as He Learns to Walk

A toddler with Down Syndrome beamed with joy as he showed his father how he had learned to walk and was taking some of his first steps.
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