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Read and watch the most heartfelt animal rescue stories from across America and beyond.

Shelter Dog Received a Limo Ride to His Forever Home After Finally Being Adopted...

A dog received a limo ride out of an animal shelter after finally being adopted by a loving owner after almost 600 days of awaiting adoption.

Viral Video Shows Passerby Seemingly Revive Dead Duck After Its Friends Pushed It Toward...

A passerby appeared to come to the rescue of a group of ducks after they pushed their seemingly dead friend towards her, and she helped revive the bird on video.

After Dog Falls 15ft Into Choppy River, Strangers Rush to Rescue It

A couple captured the incredible moment a group of strangers rescued a dog that had fallen 15 feet into a choppy river below.

Man Spends Days Out in Freezing Cold Temperatures Rescuing Stray Dog Who Was Abandoned...

A determined animal lover has shared his dayslong attempts to rescue a stray dog from freezing cold temperatures, returning time and time again and walking miles to try and coax her into his truck.

Quick-Thinking Hobby Farmer Discovers Ice-Cold, Unresponsive Chick and Spends 45 Minutes Reviving It Using...

A quick-thinking woman rescued a frozen chick by warming it with a blow dryer after she found it lifeless in a barn

Animal Shelter Hosts Unique Fundraiser with ‘Poorly Drawn Pets’ Initiative

An animal shelter's unique fundraiser is drawing amateurish versions of their donators pets in a bid to raise thousands for rehoming.

Rescue Dog Sworn in as Police Department’s First Canine Officer

A police department has welcomed its newest recruit - Bolo, a rescue dog - as its inaugural paw-trol officer.

Two Pups Find Furever Family After Late-Night Rescue

Two dogs abandoned in a park with a note asking for help have been given a new lease of life after being rescued by a passerby.

Kind-Hearted Canadian Helps Bird Frozen to Ground Take Flight Again

A kind-hearted man has captured the moment he helped free a bird that was completely frozen to the ground.

Lovable Street Dog Who Followed Travelers Around Bolivia and Was Nicknamed Chase Gets Adopted...

A street dog who followed a group of travelers around Bolivia has been flown to North America and adopted by one of the group.
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