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Read and watch the most heartfelt animal rescue stories from across America and beyond.

Family Rescues Abandoned Dog With Matted Fur, Gives Him a Second Chance at Life

Laura Chapman and her sister Carla discovered an unexpected sight during their drive near Houston, Texas—a forlorn dog hiding in the tall grass. Suspecting that the poodle-mix had been abandoned due to his matted fur and fearful demeanor, the sisters couldn't ignore the immediate connection they felt with him. After searching for his owner without success, Laura's family took him in, providing the care and attention he desperately needed.

Two Dogs Abandoned in Park With Help Note and Food Bowls Given New Leash...

Two dogs abandoned in a park with just two bowls of food and a note asking for help have been given a new leash of life after being rescued by a passerby.

Quick-thinking Ups Driver Rescues Dog That Escaped House During Delivery With Wholesome Moment Caught...

A quick-thinking delivery driver rescued a dog that escaped from its home while they were delivering a parcel.

Woman Rescues Dog Injured By Car And Nurses Her Back To Health With Help...

A woman who rescued a dog badly injured after being hit by a car in Mexico has helped turn her life around with the aid of a doggy wheelchair

Woman Rappels Into Waterway To Rescue Stranded Fawn

An animal rescuer has gone viral after she rappelled into a drain culvert to rescue an exhausted trapped fawn. In the wholesome video, the fawn is initially seen trapped in the culvert, with its legs spread as it lies in the shallow water, unable to escape.

Firefighters Rescue Ducklings Trapped In Storm Drain

A group of trusted fire fighters rescued a brood of ducklings after they were alerted the babies had fallen into a storm drain.

Loggerhead Turtle Freed From Fishing Line By US Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard came to the rescue of a roughly-200-pound loggerhead sea turtle tangled in a fishing line.

Man Lifts Manhole Cover And Climbs In To Rescue Trapped Ducklings

A kindhearted man bravely made his way into the darkness of a sewer to rescue a family of trapped ducklings after all other options had been exhausted.

Dad Fearlessly Dives Into Water To Save Sea Turtle During Family Boat Trip

A fearless dad jumped into the water to rescue a trapped sea turtle during a family boat trip - untangling it so it could swim away.

Construction Workers Rescue Dog From River In Nick Of Time

A group of brave construction workers have been caught on camera rescuing a trapped dog from high waters.