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Neighborhood Heroes

Every neighborhood needs a hero – and these stories shine a light on those very people who bring joy, inspiration, and positivity to their community through everyday acts of kindness.

MrBeast and Social Media Influencers Unite to Remove 17,000 Tons of Ocean Trash

YouTuber sensation MrBeast, known for his over-the-top stunts and generous giveaways, has set a new record, but this time it's not for views or subscribers.

Retiring Police Chief Cries Tears of Pride When Wife Surprises Him on Final Sign-off...

A retiring police chief fought back tears of pride when his wife surprised him on his final sign-off call after 27 years of service.

Family’s Security Camera Captures Wholesome Neighborhood Kids Admiring Chalk Art on Driveway

Security footage captured the heartwarming moment two kids expressed their amazement at their neighbor's driveway chalk art.

Kindhearted Boy, 5, Insists on Helping Neighbor Fix New Mailbox After He Knocked Over...

A kindhearted boy has gone viral after he helped fix his neighbor's mailbox after accidentally knocking it down.

Police Officer’s Retirement Made Special After Dispatcher Daughter Flies in to Make Final Call

A retiring police officer was surprised by his daughter on his final call back to the dispatch room before retirement.

Animal Rescuer Rappels Into Drain Culvert to Save Exhausted Fawn

Animal rescuer Erica Miller rappels into drain culvert to rescue exhausted fawn. The fawn was eventually reunited with its mother, and the video of the rescue has gone viral with over 6 million views.

Autistic Boy Jumps for Joy When Police Officer Lets Him Tour Car

A five-year-old boy with autism who loves emergency vehicles and the sounds they make was given a special treat when a kindhearted police officer showed him around his vehicle and let him try out the sirens. The boy, Abel Aparicio, was with his mother when they encountered Officer Zandate of the Riverside Police Department. When Flor Aparicio mentioned to the officer that her son loves police vehicles, Officer Zandate went above and beyond, allowing Abel to sit in the car and explore.

Good Samaritan Firefighters Help Elderly Man With Lawn Mowing

Austin firefighters went above and beyond to help a 95-year-old resident mow his lawn after spotting him struggling. The firefighters quickly mowed the man's lawn, even though they were on their way to another non-urgent call. Their kind act was caught on video and has since gone viral.

Runner Helps Beached Dolphin Back To Sea

A selfless runner who discovered a beached dolphin during a race stopped to dramatically push it back to sea.

Kind-Hearted Firefighters Surprise Blind WWII Veteran By Painting Home

This blind World War II veteran was left in shock after a group of kind-hearted firefighters arrived at his doorstep one morning to paint and repair his home.
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