The very best human interest tales from families across America and beyond.

Sisters Secretly Bring Father to Son’s Graduation in Heartwarming Surprise

Jovencio Daguio Jr., 21, was devastated when he learned that his father would not be able to attend his graduation from the University of Illinois. However, his sisters had other plans. They secretly bought their father a flight to the United States, and, the day before Jovencio Jr.'s graduation, snuck him into the house. The moment Jovencio Jr. saw his father, he immediately started sobbing. The two were then reunited in a long-awaited hug.

10-Month-Old Baby’s Adorable Double-Take Leaves Internet in Stitches

10-month-old Kyrie Bell can't tell the difference between her dad and great uncle, Corey Guy, who family members are convinced are doppelgängers. The video of Kyrie's adorable double-take has gone viral, with people from all over the world commenting on how cute and funny it is.

Grandpa Flies for First Time in 10 Years to Surprise Grandson for Last Chemotherapy...

A grandpa flew for the first time in 10 years to surprise his grandson for his last chemotherapy session. Paul Sharp, 92, who lives in Layton, Utah, traveled to Dallas, Texas, to support his grandson - and celebrate him ringing the bell to mark the end of his treatment.

Grandpa’s Unique Whistle Leads to Emotional Reunion With Grandchildren After Two Years Apart

A grandpa traveled thousands of miles for a surprise reunion with his grandchildren, who cry tears of joy the instant they hear his distinctive whistle floating in from outside.

Dad With Vision Impairment Surprises Daughter With Heartfelt Song at Wedding

A dad with vision impairment surprised his daughter with a heartfelt song at her wedding bringing tears to everyone's eyes. Alexander Miller, who is legally blind, recorded his own version of the father-daughter dance song and played it as he danced with his daughter, Aimee. The gesture has quickly gone viral.

Vietnam Veteran Finally Meets Daughter Lost in War’s Aftermath

A Vietnam veteran reunited with his Amerasian daughter after 50 years thanks to a chance call from a genealogist. Bob Andron's journey of longing and hope sheds light on the untold stories of Vietnamese-American families separated by the war.

Sister’s Bad Day Turns Into Happy Surprise When Military Brother Returns Home

When Angelina was having a bad day after losing her track meet, she had no idea that a huge surprise lay in store for her. Secretly her military brother Arron had returned from deployment and was about to surprise her - with the heartwarming moment caught on camera.

Daughter Surprises Mom With Repurposed 90s Wedding Dress at Rehearsal Dinner

Kendra Veit, 26, from Houston, Texas, surprised her mother Nancy Veit, 58, with a unique take on her 1992 wedding dress at her rehearsal dinner. Kendra had the dress turned into a pantsuit, using the train of the original dress for the sleeves. Nancy was so touched by the gesture that she let out a shocked scream and broke down in tears.

Stepdad Cries Tears of Joy When Stepdaughter Asks to Adopt Him After 25 Years

Lea Atchinson, 30, surprised her stepdad Rickie Cotney, 47, with a heartwarming adoption request at her birthday celebration. Rickie has been a father figure to Lea since she was four years old, and she wanted to make him her official dad. Lea shared a video of the surprise online, which has since gone viral.

Toddler’s Surprising Reaction At Learning Mom Was Adopted Melts Hearts

A family's security camera captured the wholesome moment a three-year-old girl discovered her mom was adopted.