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Cancer Patient Dances His Way Through Chemo

A professional dancer has gone viral bringing joy to others during a time of personal despair as he opted to dance his way into his first stage of cancer treatment.

Baby’s Joy Is Contagious as He Hears Parents’ Voices for the First Time

A happy youngster couldn’t hide his delight when his hearing aids were activated for the first time and could hear his mother and father's voices.

Premature Baby’s Surprise Homecoming Leaves Grandparents in Tears

Timothy and Deborah Paree were surprised with a visit from their son, Josh, and his wife, Ximena, who brought their premature grandson, Shai, along. The grandparents were overjoyed to finally meet their grandson, and their tearful reaction was captured on video and went viral.
Pedro on the podium

Eight-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Tops Podium in Junior Karting Race Using Prosthetic Leg

Pedro Cueto, 8, from Arvada, Colorado, was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a rare kind of cancer, in September 2021. He underwent nine months of treatment, including chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and surgery, which resulted in the amputation of his lower leg. Despite the challenges he faced, Pedro never gave up on his dream of becoming a racing driver and only in only his 2nd race after cancer he topped the podium.

Cancer-Stricken Mom and Daughter Share Emotional Hug After Both Going Into Remission

Danielle Draper and her mom Kristin both battled cancer at the same time. Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin's lymphoma, and her mom was diagnosed with myelofibrosis. After both going into remission, Danielle surprised her mom with the news that she was also in remission.

Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Lights up for ‘First-Ever’ Meetings With Baby Granddaughter

A new mom shares heartwarming videos of her mother with Alzheimer's meeting her baby granddaughter for the "first time ever." The videos show the grandmother lighting up and smiling when she sees the baby, even though she doesn't remember her. The mom says these moments are a reminder of the love her grandmother has for her granddaughter, even though she's struggling with the disease.

Inspiring Boy, 5, Rings Cancer Bell After 1000+ Doses of Chemotherapy

Cole Magnus, from Chicago, Illinois, has celebrated a major milestone after completing his chemotherapy and ringing the cancer bell. The five-year-old was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2015 and has undergone more than one thousand doses of chemotherapy. After leaving the hospital, Cole was welcomed home by the local fire department, who clapped and cheered him over the threshold.

Inspiring Story of Woman Who Lost Legs in Crash Completes Pull-up, Shows What’s Possible

Sarah Frei, 19, was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in 2020 that left her paralyzed below the waist. She underwent 20 surgeries and eventually had both her legs amputated. But she never gave up hope, and on October 4, 2021, she completed her first pull-up from her wheelchair. Her story is an inspiration to us all.

Teen With Irreversible Hearing Loss Has Cochlear Implants Turned On… And The Result Is...

This is the emotional moment a teen with irreversible hearing loss has her cochlear implants activated for the very first time.
Cameron meets Donovan for the first time.

2-Year-Old Boy Meets Newborn Brother for First Time After Lengthy NICU Stay

Donovan's face immediately lit up when he saw his brother for the first time in the NICU. He had been eagerly awaiting this moment, and it was clear that he loved his new baby brother instantly. The two of them quickly bonded, and Donovan visited Cameron every weekend while he was in the hospital.