A son emotionally reunited with his biological mother after tracing her through a DNA test and Facebook.
A stunned fourth grader was brought to tears when her Air Force sergeant stepdad suddenly emerged from her school's mascot's costume to surprise her after a year overseas.
The emotional moment a daughter reunited with her father whose life she had just saved by donating part of her liver has been captured on film.
Five young siblings were given the surprise of their life when they posed for a photo at Disney’s Magic Kingdom only for their military father to appear in shot.
An adorable baby has been filmed copying - and acing - her mom’s yoga moves despite being unable to walk yet.
An American woman who was kidnapped at birth in her native Romania has been reunited with her family after 25 years apart.
Incredible Hulk toddler
A mom walked in to discover her toddler painting herself bright green like her Incredible Hulk toy - while sat on cream colored carpet
A police officer burst into tears at her swearing-in ceremony when she discovered her military son who she hadn't seen in two years would be pinning her badge.
Opera singing barista
An opera singing coffee barista blew away customers in his store with his incredible singing - after bursting into song while serving them.
Robert holds his memory pillow
An elderly man suffering with dementia was surprised with a memory pillow featuring his late wife - leaving him beaming from ear to ear.