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Man Receives Intruder Alert, Discovers Girlfriend Dancing With Dog

Man receives an intruder alert while away on business, only to discover that his girlfriend and dog were having a dance party in his kitchen. Jose couldn't believe his eyes when he received the notification and opened it up to see the pair dancing.

Golden Retriever Shows Love for Newborn Baby Girl as Family Introduce Newest Addition

A family's Golden Retriever showed her love for their newborn baby girl by giving her an affectionate lick and snuggling up to her. After 11 years of fertility struggles and two miscarriages, Ann and Danny Johnson joyfully introduce their healthy baby girl to their furry family members - but their dog Sadie's reaction melted their hearts.

Dog Reunited with Owner After 2 Years Thanks to Facebook

After being missing for more than two years, a dog named Emmy Lou was reunited with her owner thanks to the help of a Facebook group. The story of Emmy Lou's journey home is an inspiration to anyone who has ever lost a pet.

Labrador’s Funny Hot Tub Antics Caught on Camera in Texas Home

Julie Sanchez couldn't believe her eyes when she looked out of her window and saw her dog Sammie Jo chilling in the hot tub.

Dog Rescues Tiny Kitten From Rain, Brings It Home

A loving dog named Hazel showed her motherly instinct when she rescued a tiny kitten from the rain. Hazel brought the kitten home and took care of it, with the two quickly becoming best friends.

Family Rescues Abandoned Dog With Matted Fur, Gives Him a Second Chance at Life

Laura Chapman and her sister Carla discovered an unexpected sight during their drive near Houston, Texas—a forlorn dog hiding in the tall grass. Suspecting that the poodle-mix had been abandoned due to his matted fur and fearful demeanor, the sisters couldn't ignore the immediate connection they felt with him. After searching for his owner without success, Laura's family took him in, providing the care and attention he desperately needed.

Gracie the Pug Goes Viral for Her Adorable Interaction With Skyscraper Window Cleaner

A pug named Gracie went viral after she was filmed playing with a window cleaner outside her owner's condo in Chicago. Gracie initially played guard dog, barking and bouncing around when she saw the window cleaner's face at the window. However, after the initial intruder alert, Gracie calmed down and even started playing with the window cleaner as he moved his squeegee so she could chase it. The heartwarming interaction between Gracie and the window cleaner has been viewed millions of times online.

Groom Surprises “Puppy Obsessed” Bride by Bringing Adoptable Pups to Their Wedding

A groom pulled off the ultimate wedding day surprise for his "puppy obsessed" bride" – by presenting her with a litter of young adoptable pooches, who then played a part in their big day.

Woman Who Fled Afghanistan as Refugee Finally Reunites With Her Dog in North America...

A woman who fled from Afghanistan to North America could not hide her delight when she was finally able to reunite with her dog after more than a year apart.

Grandma Told She’d Never Walk Again Recovers Thanks to Chihuahua Puppy

A grandma who lost her beloved dog of 17 years before suffering a stroke was given a tearful surprise when her family presented her with a brand new Chihuahua puppy.