Read and watch real stories from pet parents and their furry friends. Everything from hilarious hiccups to animal adoptions.

Lovable Street Dog Who Followed Travelers Around Bolivia and Was Nicknamed Chase Gets Adopted...

A street dog who followed a group of travelers around Bolivia has been flown to North America and adopted by one of the group.

Man Surprised with New Beagle Puppy After Losing His Beloved Dogs

A dad who loves beagle dogs because they have helped him through depression was given an emotional surprise when his family surprised him with a new puppy. Glen Mahoney, 59, had been...

Puppy With 2 Broken Legs Shows the World What It Means to Never Give...

An 11-week-old puppy has refused to give up on life - despite being born with two complex fractures in her front legs.

Couple Adopt Shiba After She Couldn’t Stop Smiling at Them When They Visited Breeder

A couple shared a video of the heartwarming moment they knew they had to adopt a Shiba puppy when she couldn't stop smiling at them while they visited her breeder. Husband and...

Heroic Animal Control Officer Saves Kitten From Storm Drain

This is the moment an adorable kitten trapped in a storm drain was rescued by a kind-hearted savior.
dog rescue

Couple Drives Into Flood to Rescue Man and Dog Trapped in Car

A couple driving through churning flood waters were shocked to discover a man and his dog trapped in the midst of the rising water, stopping to help them into their truck to safety.

Doggy Day Care’s ‘Bark to School’ Photos Go Viral

Paw Oasis Pet Resort in The Colony, Texas, welcomed their dogs back on August 17 for their ‘Bark to School Bash’ which included their annual picture day for the special event. The staff used treats and squeaky toys to get their attention before taking the cute snaps against a colorful backdrop of books, bones, and each pooch’s name.

Dad’s Heart Melts as He’s Surprised With New Puppy After Beloved Pet Pug Dies

Nelson Pinedo was devastated when his 11-year-old pug Rita passed away, but his family surprised him with a new puppy named Rigby Jose for Father's Day. The video of Nelson's reaction went viral, and it's clear that he is overjoyed to have a new furry friend to love.
Jason and his dog.

Dog Can’t Stop Spinning When Owner Calls for It to Go to the Gym

Jason Alexander Kim's dog Cupcake has gone viral after a video of her spinning in circles before going to the gym with her owner was shared on social media. The adorable pooch can't contain her excitement and spins around dozens of times before Jason is able to attach her leash.
Glyn, Shannon and golden retriever Charlie.

Golden Retriever Helps Bride-to-Be Keep Wedding Dress Clean by Carrying Hem of Dress

Shannon and Glyn's dog Charlie is a three-year-old golden retriever who loves to help out. When Shannon was on her way home from her engagement shoot, Charlie offered to carry the bottom of her wedding dress so it didn't get muddy. Charlie was so gentle and careful, and he didn't even crease the fabric.
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