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A retiring pre-K teacher was left in floods of happy tears when her pupils past and present photobombed a picture of her at Magic Kingdom. Around 75 people were in on the surprise for Mercy Maranges, 64, who had no idea what was to come as she posed in front of Cinderella's Castle at the Florida theme park on April...

Deployed Best Man Interrupts Own Pre-Recorded Speech With Surprise Entrance

A groom was left sobbing while watching a video message from his military brother who he thought couldn’t attend the wedding suddenly walks off-screen and into the ceremony to surprise him.

Military Grandson Surprises Grandma In Hospice With Kidney Failure

A grandma in hospice cried as she was surprised by her military grandson who she raised but never thought she would see again due to his deployment.

This Video Of A Girl With Cerebral Palsy Loving Rollercoasters Will Melt Your Heart

Despite being wheelchair-bound, one teenage girl with cerebral palsy has not let her condition stop her from living a thrill-seeking life.

Toddler Surprises Military Dad By Taking First Steps During Reunion

A military dad who could not communicate with his family for training purposes was given a welcome home surprise - when his son took his first steps.

Military Son Is Final Unclaimed Item At School Lost And Found Day Much To Teacher Mom’s Surprise

A teacher who thought she was simply partaking in a Lost And Found Day at her school suddenly cried happy tears when the last item to be found was her military son, who had returned home from Iraq to surprise her.

Teen With Cerebral Palsy Sends Gym Wild By Beating Deadlift PB

A teenage boy with cerebral palsy has inspired millions across social media after breaking his personal record for deadlifting in his first-ever powerlifting competition, causing the gym to erupt into cheers.

Veteran Surprised By Iraq War Battle Buddy After 10 Years Apart

A U.S. veteran could not believe his eyes when he opened his front door to discover his battle buddy from Iraq, who had traveled across the country to surprise him on his birthday.

Mom Thought Military Son Couldn’t Make Wedding Day… But Her Hero Never Let’s Her Down

A military son sent his mom a Build-A-Bear of himself on her wedding day as he “couldn't make it” - but turned up to walk her down the aisle.

Woman Surprised In Hospital By Best Friend During Endometriosis Battle Returns Favor To Surprise Friend On Birthday

A woman whose friend traveled thousands of miles to help her through a debilitating illness decided to return the favor once COVID restrictions had been lifted, jetting to see her after months apart to surprise her for her 30th birthday.

Retiring Teacher Surprised By Pupils At Disney

A retiring pre-K teacher was left in floods of happy tears when her pupils past and present photobombed a picture of her at Magic...

Teen Living With Down Syndrome Promposes Girl Living With Spina Bifida

A teen with special needs could not stop crying with joy when she entered a hallway in her school and discovered her boyfriend who has Down Syndrome holding a bouquet of flowers and ready to ask her to prom.

Dinosaur Loving Boy Surprised With Realistic T-Rex At 3rd Birthday Party

A dinosaur-loving three-year-old froze in shock when his parents walked a "real-life" T-Rex towards him into his birthday party.