Good News

drone dog rescue
A professional videographer who read a missing dog post online 10 days after a Golden Retriever first went missing headed into the forest and incredibly managed to track down and rescue the pooch using his drone.

Amazon Delivery Driver Praised For Performing Teens Hilarious Delivery Instructions

An Amazon delivery driver hilariously played along with one family’s ’special instructions’ – which was caught on the family’s CCTV camera.

Woman Asks Man Who Stepped In As Her Father Figure To Adopt Her

A woman who saw a man as her lifelong father figure decided to give him the ultimate gift by surprising him with adoption papers.

Colorblind Nature Photographer Left Stunned When Specially-Designed Glasses Let Him See Colors Of A Sunset For First Time

A colorblind nature photographer was left stunned as a specially-designed pair of glasses meant he could finally see the colors of sunset for the first time.

Detective Show In Line Of Duty Stuns Girlfriend By Proposing As He’s Discharged From Hospital

A police detective who was shot on duty decided to make his discharge from hospital extra special by proposing to his shocked girlfriend.

Grandmother Realizes Family Not Seen In 18 Months Are Outside On Call

A grandmother who hadn’t seen her family for 18 months and yet to meet her new grandchild ran out of her home screaming as she realized they were on a video call on her driveway.

Woman And Birth Father Cry In Each Other’s Arms After She Travels To Meet Him For First Time

In an emotional reunion decades in the making, a woman who was raised in America traveled to Panama City to track down her birth father.

Man Told He May Never Walk Again Defies Odds To Walk Across Rehab Room To Propose

A man told he may never walk again defied odds to walk across the room and get down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend who had been by his side throughout his recovery process.

Boyfriend Cleverly Manipulates Game Of Taboo So That His Girlfriend Guesses Four Special Words

A creative boyfriend left his girlfriend in stunned silence as he disguised his proposal as a birthday game of Taboo.

Dog Can’t Hide Its Excitement As Military-Serving Owner Returns From Deployment Just In Time For Holidays

An excitable Labrador could not hide her delight, as her military mom returned from deployment just in time for the holiday season.

Artists Creates Stunning Mosaics Out Of Magazines Her Grandfather Bought Her As A Child – Then Presents Him With The Artworks

An artist has turned a childhood gesture from her grandfather into incredible mosaic artworks - then surprised him with the results.

Granddaughter Surprises Grandpa With Tattoo of Heartwarming Note He Sent Her 10 Years Before

A beloved grandfather and veteran could not believe his eyes when his granddaughter showed him her new tattoo – a copy of a thoughtful note he had written to her a decade earlier.

Biological Sisters In Their 60s Meet For First Time Ever

A pair of biological sisters met for the first time in an emotional embrace having never met each other in over 60 years.

Great-Grandfather Brought To Tears When He Sees New Great-Grandson Is Named After Him

A new great-grandfather began to sob uncontrollably in a hospital ward, as he was surprised with the news that the latest family member had been named after him and his father.

Couple Married 45 Years Leave Hospital Together After Virus Recovery

A married couple have been discharged from hospital together after recovering from COVID-19.

Husband Surprises Wife of 63 Years On Birthday After Being Separated By COVID-19 Pandemic

An 84-year-old began balling happy tears when she was surprised by her husband of 63 years on her birthday after the coronavirus pandemic had kept the couple apart.