drone dog rescue
A professional videographer who read a missing dog post online 10 days after a Golden Retriever first went missing headed into the forest and incredibly managed to track down and rescue the pooch using his drone.

Feel Good News

A doctor distracts his baby patients while they recieve their first vaccines by singing an ingenious goofy song.
A girl with cerebral palsy let out a shriek of joy when she was surprised by her best friend who she hadn’t seen for four months due to COVID restrictions.
An elderly man with Parkinson’s disease is inspiring others with his intense workout schedule - a routine he hopes will prolong the time he has left with his wife.
baby dangles spaghetti
A cute baby bursts into adorable giggles as he dangles a spaghetti noodle just out of reach of his family’s small dog.
A restaurant worker welled up with happy tears when a customer noticed his long commute and decided to surprise him with a car.

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Stepdad Thinks He’s On A Scavenger Hunt For A Birthday Present, But Breaks Down When He Discovers His Real Gift

This is the heart-warming moment a step-daughter creates an elaborate scavenger hunt for clues that lead her step-dad to surprise adoption papers.

All He Ever Wanted Was A Family… And Then He Got The Call He’d Been Hoping For

This is the heart-warming moment an orphan in Colombia hears the voices of a U.S. family he spent the summer with for the first time in weeks - breaking down as they ask him to join their family.