A police officer made his final sign-off call before retiring to his dispatcher daughter.

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A girl couldn’t contain her excitement as she showed off her solider dad’s voice in a teddy during show and tell, only for him to suddenly appear in her classroom.
A toddler whose father is a painter was caught red handed copying his dad by ‘painting’ his bedroom with cream.
A girl with autism and mild Asperger’s Syndrome immediately dived into her stepdad’s arms when he came to surprise her in school in full military gear.
This is the adorable moment a baby played a game of peek-a-boo with a WHALE.
A high-schooler has captured the reactions of people as they are unexpectedly told they’re beautiful as part of a social experiment.

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Step-Dad Thinks He’s On A Scavenger Hunt For A Birthday Present, But Breaks Down When He Discovers His Real Gift

This is the heart-warming moment a step-daughter creates an elaborate scavenger hunt for clues that lead her step-dad to surprise adoption papers.

All He Ever Wanted Was A Family… And Then He Got The Call He’d Been Hoping For

This is the heart-warming moment an orphan in Colombia hears the voices of a U.S. family he spent the summer with for the first time in weeks - breaking down as they ask him to join their family.

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