Two best friends reunite with a hug
Two best friends were emotionally reunited after spending four long months apart due to the shelter at home orders across the United States.

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This is the adorable moment an eight-year-old received a new fluffy best friend – after missing playing with his grown up older brothers who had left home.
A man was brought to tears when his long-term partner’s daughter invited him to her school’s daddy daughter dance - and he then pulled off the perfect evening.
A thoughtful hubby-to-be gave his girlfriend a double shock when he surprised her with the puppy she’s always dreamed of wearing a collar reading ‘will you marry me?’
This is the moment a boy has an amazing encounter with a dolphin – who spins with joy in front of the mesmerized kid.
A couple announced they are expecting triplets to family and friends by showing them the sonogram and recording their hilarious reactions as they figure out the news.

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