Good NewsFamilyMan Returns From College to Surprise Sister Getting Off School Bus

Man Returns From College to Surprise Sister Getting Off School Bus

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An 11-year-old girl who had never been apart from her older brother before he headed off to college sprinted from her school bus and cried in his arms when he returned home to surprise her.


Tatianna Puig is extremely close to her brother, Jaiden, 18. The pair are the youngest of the family’s four children.

As a result, Tatianna had never been apart from her brother before he moved from their home in Clarksville, Tennessee, to play football at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio.

Her mom, Blanca, said Tatianna had a tough time being away from Jaiden because she was the only child left at home.

After a few months of being in college, Jaiden decided it was time to head home and visit his family, so he liaised with his older sister to plan a surprise reunion with his mom in a restaurant in their hometown.

Later in the day, though, it was time for Tatianna’s big surprise.


With Blanca recording, Jaiden patiently waited for his sister’s school bus to arrive.

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As soon as the 11-year-old saw her brother, she dropped everything she held and sprinted into his arms.

The moment then got too much for Tatianna, who cried tears of joy on her older brother’s shoulder.


Blanca said: “We planned out where and how we would surprise Tatianna, and we were nervous.

“When it all played out, it was one of the most memorable and emotional moments I captured.

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“It made me feel happy and complete to have all my kids together again.

“I felt a sense of peace for her to have him back with her again for just the few days he was home.


“No matter the amount of time or distance you are away from your loved ones, it affects everyone in many different ways, so cherish every moment you have with each other.”

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