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The best tear-jerking military homecomings and reunions across all the armed forces.

Girlfriend Surprises Military Boyfriend With New Apartment After Deployment

Chelsea surprised her boyfriend, Sam, with a new apartment after he returned from a 222-day deployment. Sam had no idea what was waiting for him when he was blindfolded and led into the apartment. He was greeted with balloons, American food, and a brand new place to call home.

Proud Dad Fights Back Tears of Joy as Son Graduates From Military School

Yusuf Muhammad, 59, was overcome with emotion as he hugged his son, Khalid, following his graduation from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. Khalid has always been interested in military service, and his father was proud to see him achieve his dream.

8-Year-Old Girl’s Jaw Drops When Navy Brother Surprises Her in School

Eight-year-old Layla Wisbracht's jaw dropped when her Navy brother, Brayden Quinlisk, walked into her school classroom after six months apart. Brayden had been away at bootcamp and school, and Layla had been counting down the days until he returned. When he finally surprised her, she ran to give him a big hug.

Daughter Sees Mom for First Time in 9 Months at School Play, Sprints to...

A 9-year-old girl was surprised by her military-serving mom at her school play after being apart for 9 months.

Mom Shocked by Military Daughter’s Surprise Visit, Runs Away in Tears of Joy

A mother was left shocked and overjoyed when her military-serving daughter surprised her at work. So much so that she ran away in tears of joy - with the emotional moment capturing the hearts of people online.

Soldier Fights Back Tears as He Meets Niece for the First Time After Missing...

A soldier who was devastated to miss the birth of his twin sister's first child was finally able to hold her for the first time after completing basic training.

Military Son Surprises Dad at Work After Long Deployment

A nurse dad was surprised by his military son at work after nine months apart. The emotional reunion was caught on camera and has since gone viral. The video shows the father struggling to hold back tears as he hugs his son tightly.

Teen Sprints Through School and Into the Arms of Military Cousin After 8-Month Deployment

A teen sprinted through school and into the arms of her military cousin after he returned from deployment and surprised her. Mya Cahill's amazing reaction has gone viral after it was shared online.

Vietnam Veteran Finally Meets Daughter Lost in War’s Aftermath

A Vietnam veteran reunited with his Amerasian daughter after 50 years thanks to a chance call from a genealogist. Bob Andron's journey of longing and hope sheds light on the untold stories of Vietnamese-American families separated by the war.

Sister’s Bad Day Turns Into Happy Surprise When Military Brother Returns Home

When Angelina was having a bad day after losing her track meet, she had no idea that a huge surprise lay in store for her. Secretly her military brother Arron had returned from deployment and was about to surprise her - with the heartwarming moment caught on camera.