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The best tear-jerking military homecomings and reunions across all the armed forces.

Mother and Son Share Tearful Embrace as Navy Mom Retires After 30 Years of...

Navy mother was relieved of her duties by her Navy son at her retirement ceremony in a heartwarming and inspiring moment that has gone viral.

Eight-Year-Old Girl’s Emotional Reunion With Military Dad During Game of Simon

An eight-year-old girl got a wholesome surprise during a summer camp game of Simon Says as she lifted her head to see her military dad, who had just returned home from...

Family Screams in Shock When Soldier Son Returns Home to Surprise Everyone at His...

An entire family was left screaming in shock when their military son returned home from duty to surprise everyone at his brother's wedding. Brothers Jake and Billy Winn, from New York, are...

Sailor’s POV Homecoming Video Shows Family’s Joy at His Return

A sailor has flipped the traditional military reunion video on its head by instead recording a point-of-view shot of his family's excitable reactions. Luke Westmoreland, 29, an E-3 sonar technician with the...

Dad Stunned as Military Daughter Leaps From Present to Surprise Him for Birthday

A stunned dad froze in shock when he opened the largest birthday gift from his family and out jumped his military daughter, who had been away from home for more than...

Soldier Dad Disguises Himself as School Mascot to Surprise Son

A soldier dad gave his son an incredible reunion surprise when he suddenly appeared from inside his school's tiger mascot costume. Sgt. Perry Chronister had been deployed in the Middle East as a member of the Ohio Army Nation Guard. The separation was tough on Perry's son, making the reunion even sweeter.

Soldier Dad Takes Son’s Stuffed Dinosaur on Adventures During Iraq Deployment

Waylon Holmes, a five-year-old boy from Dayton, Ohio, sent his stuffed dinosaur, Dino, to his dad, Taylor, who was deployed to Iraq. David obliged, sending Waylon photos of Dino on many adventures, and the heartwarming story has since gone viral.

Military Dad Photobombs Family Photoshoot for Heartwarming Reunion

Military dad Zach Grundy, from West Lafayette, Indiana, surprised his kids with a photobomb reunion after a year deployed overseas.

Boy’s Dream Comes True as Military Dad Returns From Deployment to Surprise Him on...

A seven-year-old boy thought he was taking part in a regular gym class when he recognized a familiar figure standing in military attire.

Teenager Gets Double Dose of Good News at Graduation: Diploma and Military Dad’s Return

Natalie Villafana, 18, received a double dose of good news at her high school graduation when her military dad, MSgt. Samuel Villafana, 36, surprised her on stage after six months serving overseas. The wholesome moment was captured on video and went viral.
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