A doctor distracts his baby patients while they recieve their first vaccines by singing an ingenious goofy song.
A girl with cerebral palsy let out a shriek of joy when she was surprised by her best friend who she hadn’t seen for four months due to COVID restrictions.
An elderly man with Parkinson’s disease is inspiring others with his intense workout schedule - a routine he hopes will prolong the time he has left with his wife.
A restaurant worker welled up with happy tears when a customer noticed his long commute and decided to surprise him with a car.
An Amazon delivery driver hilariously played along with one family’s ’special instructions’ – which was caught on the family’s CCTV camera.
A woman who saw a man as her lifelong father figure decided to give him the ultimate gift by surprising him with adoption papers.
A colorblind nature photographer was left stunned as a specially-designed pair of glasses meant he could finally see the colors of sunset for the first time.
A police detective who was shot on duty decided to make his discharge from hospital extra special by proposing to his shocked girlfriend.
A grandmother who hadn’t seen her family for 18 months and yet to meet her new grandchild ran out of her home screaming as she realized they were on a video call on her driveway.
In an emotional reunion decades in the making, a woman who was raised in America traveled to Panama City to track down her birth father.