An emotional groom picked up not only a wife but two new daughters – as he surprised his wife's children with an adoption request.
A grocery store worker who has special needs couldn’t hide his delight when a regular customer at his store surprised him with his dream guitar.
A girl couldn’t believe her eyes as she was reunited with her Navy brother at her football training by leaping into his arms.
A woman cried happy tears as her friends surprised her by driving past as she rang the bell to announce she is cancer-free.
A fourth grader who is visually impaired has gone viral after her mom recorded her successfully making her own way onto her school bus for the very first time.
A boy beat the ground with excitement as his cochlear implants were activated – helping him hear his parent’s voices for the first time.
A boy with Down Syndrome is boosting spirits across social media by showcasing his morning dance routines to pump himself up before school.
A father whose health is failing brought his daughter to tears when he surprised her at her dream home, which she had worked hard to achieve.
A military dad appears from behind a fire engine during a homecoming parade to surprise his unsuspecting kids after returning home from a four-month deployment.
A teacher looked out from her porch to see her students and their parents on her lawn to say thanks for her dedication to the job during COVID.