house surprise
A loving father from Venezuela was brought to tears of joy when, after walking for three months with his son, he arrived safely in Ecuador, where he was presented with a new home and given a phone to call his mother.
boat crash proposal
A couple’s engagement got off to a rocky start after the wife-to-be accidentally hit the throttle on her boat, causing it to crash and send her fiancé flying into the water as he proposed.
brothers reunited with parents
An emotional son could not hold back his happy tears as he finally reunited with his parents after more than two decades apart.
kid shaves head
A boy who idolizes his grandpa as a father figure decided he didn’t just want to be like him but look like him too - so shaved his head bald so that they’d look the same.
motorbike crash proposal
An avid motorcycle rider devised a bold way to propose to his girlfriend, by signing up for his first-ever motorcross race and faking a crash so that she would immediately rush to his aid. Jeremy Durst, 30, from Miami, Florida, came up with the unique way of popping the question because it was a guaranteed way to make sure his girlfriend's family and friends would be in attendance, he said.
birthday surprise military reunion
A girl made a birthday wish for her military father to return home from deployment - only to turn around and see him standing next to her.
A dog who served in Afghanistan has been given a loving retirement in the United States after she was adopted by the Marine who served more than 300 combat missions with her.
An emotional son wept on the shoulder of his biological father soulder as he finally got to hold the man he had been searching 25 years for.
Grandmother surprised with memory pillow
A beloved grandmother could not hold back her happy tears when she was surprised with a pillow of her late husband of 70 years.
A toddler who had become deaf broke into dance after regaining her hearing, as she was able to listen to the music of her favorite toys once more.