An adorable COVID baby who previously had her older sister at home all the time has gone viral thanks to a series of videos showing how excited she now gets when her sibling returns home from school.
A country dancer came up with the perfect way to reveal her pregnancy news to her husband – by pulling out a positive test during the final dip in their performance.
A stunned boyfriend got quite a shock when his long-distance girlfriend surprised him as an Amazon delivery driver.
A woman couldn’t contain her tears when she looked down at the collar of a service dog she was collecting to find a marriage proposal.
A waitress received the surprise of a lifetime when she went to serve drinks to a table only to discover her daughter, who she had not been able to see for nearly three years, sat at the table.
A loving mother screamed in shock and darted through a family gathering when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son, who she had not seen since he was three years old.
A great-grandfather with dementia is emotionally reunited with his great-granddaughter who missed him being around after he had to move into a full-time care facility.
A beloved veteran has gone viral after TikTokers came together to raise money to surprise him with a new mobility scooter.
Parents who suffered infertility introduce their newly adopted baby to stunned family and friends in a series of incredible video calls.
A sneakerhead is presented with a gift from his wife he thinks is new Jordans - only to discover a pregnancy test confirming he’s going to become a father after 12 years of trying.