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Good news stories to uplift and inspire from communities across America and beyond.

Skier Is Accompanied on Grueling Seven-Hour Journey by Stray Dog

A skier had a once-in-a-lifetime experience when he was followed by a stray dog on what he thought would be a seven-hour solo trip over tough mountainous terrain.

Teen With Cerebral Palsy Scores Basket on Senior Night

A teen with cerebral palsy got called onto the court on senior night to sink a basket - drawing a massive roar from the crowd.

Daughter’s Delivery Disguise Fools Dad During Birthday Surprise

A dad was so excited to accept his takeout order he did not notice the delivery person was his daughter in disguise.

Cheeky Wombat Stops Hiker So It Can Twerk on Her Hiking Poles to Scratch...

A cheeky wombat turned to a hiker for a helping hand for an itch it couldn’t reach, twerking on her hiking pole to scratch its butt.

Dog Who Only Ever Knew Apartment Living Does Excited Zoomies When He Sees New...

A dog who had spent his life growing up in an apartment could not hide his delight when he was surprised with his parent's new home, breaking into zoomies in his first-ever backyard.

Passerby Captures Clever Dog Owner Using Drone to Exercise Their Delighted Pooch

An impressed passerby was amazed by a dog owner's ingenious way of exercising their pooch by operating a drone the dog could chase.

Siblings Surprise Sister With Over-the-Top Cruise Announcement for Birthday

A woman was left stunned when her family performed a choreographed song and dance routine to reveal a surprise cruise for her 40th birthday.

After 14 Years of Hoping for Sibling Teen Receives Cake Revealing Mom’s Pregnancy

A teen who wanted a younger sibling for more than a decade cried tears of joy when a waiter presented her with a cake that read “Big Sis” and revealed her dream was set to come true.

Sweet Momma Dog Keeps Stealing Stuffed Toy to Comfort Newborn Puppies

A momma dog has warmed hearts online after she kept bringing a cuddly toy to her bed to comfort her 13 newborn puppies.

Teen Asked to Make a Wish and Blow Horn Surprised With New Car

A teen was left amazed when she was told to make a wish and blow an air horn, which saw her get surprised with her first car.
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