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Heartwarming Gestures

A dose of heartwarming gestures by good samaritans in their communities.

Good Samaritan Firefighters Help Elderly Man With Lawn Mowing

Austin firefighters went above and beyond to help a 95-year-old resident mow his lawn after spotting him struggling. The firefighters quickly mowed the man's lawn, even though they were on their way to another non-urgent call. Their kind act was caught on video and has since gone viral.

Little Boy’s Sadness Turns to Joy in an Instant When Dad Returns to Give...

A security camera captured the heartwarming moment a father on his way to work remembered to give his son a goodbye hug after almost forgetting. Dontae, 3, was initially sad when his father left for work without their customary hug. But his sadness soon turned to joy - and his reaction has gone viral.

Mom Shares Video of Son’s Sweet Gesture to Sanitation Workers

A 3-year-old boy has shown his appreciation for sanitation workers with a sweet-hearted gesture that has since gone viral. Gabriel Martinez, who is fascinated by cars and trucks, set up a table outside his home with drinks and cookies for the sanitation workers who pass by his house.

Brother Steps Up to Take Sister to Daddy-Daughter Dance After Military Dad Loses Life

After their father, a military hero, died in the line of duty, a young girl was heartbroken to receive an invitation to a daddy-daughter dance. But her brother stepped up to the plate and took her to the dance, honoring their father's memory and making his sister's day.

Bride Pays Tribute to Late Father on Wedding Day by Having All the Important...

A bride had a beautiful surprise for her wedding guests in the absence of her late father, inviting all the important men in her life onto the dance floor for the traditional daddy-daughter dance.

Young Boy Who Loves Seeing Recycling Truck Gives Workers a Gift Before Receiving Pretend...

A young boy who loves seeing his neighborhood recycling truck surprised workers with a gift before receiving a pretend hug from the truck’s claw.
Landon scores during a basketball game

Basketball Crowd Goes Wild As Kids On Both Teams During Middle School Game Let...

Two middle school basketball teams showed incredible sportsmanship in a recent game. Landon Hayes, 14, from Bolivar, Missouri, was diagnosed with a condition called Global Developmental Delays in 2011, which puts him behind other children his age. But the huge basketball fan, who usually helps with managerial duties, was given a shot at fame. With his team the Bolivar Liberators losing heavily, the 14-year-old was brought into the game. But then the opposition did something truly special - they made sure he scored.

Classmates Of Girl With Cerebral Palsy Won’t Leave School Until Each Have Given Her...

Classmates of a young girl with cerebral palsy have created an adorable end-of-day routine insisting on giving her a hug every day before they will leave school.
disabled el capitan climb

Disabled Man Carried Up El Capitan Mountain By Friends

A group for caring friends made a disabled man with muscular dystrophy’s dream come true, by helping him climb part of the El Capitan’s vertical rock face in Yosemite National Park.

Boy With Cerebral Palsy Scores Basket During High School Game As Crowd Goes Wild

A boy with cerebral palsy couldn’t hide his delight as he sunk a basket during an elementary school game.