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The latest awesome adoption stories from families across America and beyond.

Foster Parents Surprise Son With Adoption News and His Heartwarming Reaction Has Melted Hearts

Harvey, a six-year-old boy who was in care, was surprised by his foster parents with the news that they were adopting him. His reaction, which was captured on video, has since gone viral after Harvey jumped for joy saying, "I'm gonna stay here?" His reaction has touched the hearts of people all over the world.

Stepdad Cries Tears of Joy When Stepdaughter Asks to Adopt Him After 25 Years

Lea Atchinson, 30, surprised her stepdad Rickie Cotney, 47, with a heartwarming adoption request at her birthday celebration. Rickie has been a father figure to Lea since she was four years old, and she wanted to make him her official dad. Lea shared a video of the surprise online, which has since gone viral.

Toddler’s Surprising Reaction At Learning Mom Was Adopted Melts Hearts

A family's security camera captured the wholesome moment a three-year-old girl discovered her mom was adopted.

Stepdad Bawls Happy Tears as He Struggles to Read Aloud Adoption Request From Stepdaughter

A beloved stepdad could not make it through his gift without bawling happy tears - as he read aloud a sweet adoption request from his adult stepdaughter.

Woman Shares Emotional First Hug With Biological Sibling, Who She Tracked Down on the...

A woman has shared the emotional first hug she shared with her biological sister – who had grown up on the other side of the world always wanting a sister of her own.

Stepdad Fights Back Tears as He Reaches the End of Photo Album Gift From...

A stepdad fought back tears as he turned to the last page of a photo album filled with memories of him and his stepdaughter to discover a heartfelt adoption request.

Adopted Woman Shares Emotional First Hugs With Biological Dad and Sister After Searching for...

An adopted woman who spent decades wondering who her biological dad was finally able to share an emotional first hug with him and sister – a moment more than 30 years in the making.

“Am I in a Dream?” – Mom Freezes in Shock When She’s Surprised by...

A mom froze in shock when her daughters took her to a skatepark and surprised her with her biological son who she hadn’t seen in 18 years.

Man ‘Proposes’ to Stepdaughter Asking to Be Her Dad After Getting Engaged to Her...

A stepdad who got engaged to his fiancée the night before shared a sweet video when he then ‘proposed’ to his stepdaughter with a promise ring, fighting back tears as he said he would always be there for her.

Couple Surprise Family With Jigsaw Revealing Adoption News

An entire family let out gasps of delight when they place the final piece into a jigsaw that revealed their son and his partner were set to adopt.