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Family Members’ Jaws Drop in Shock When Cocktail-making Gender Reveal Produces Both Blue and Pink Drinks to Reveal Couple Are Expecting Twins

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A family’s jaws dropped in shock when a cocktail-making gender reveal produced a blue and a pink drink, breaking the news that a couple was expecting twins.


Kirsten Young, 32, and her husband John, 31, from Los Angeles, had been trying for a baby for some time. When they received news that they were set to have twins, they wanted to plan a big surprise for each set of parents and siblings.

John, from a family with multiple generations of twins, works for a liquor distribution company, making him the designated bartender at family gatherings.

With this in mind, John thought it would be fun to incorporate cocktail-making into the twin announcement for his side of the family.

Around his parents’ table, John gathered his mom, Kim; dad, Harding; brother, Matthew; and sister, Hailey, who are twins.

The group thought they were set to go through with a straightforward gender reveal: the cocktail they made would either be pink for a girl or blue for a boy.


But secretly, John had made sure that half of the four cocktails were blue while the other half were pink—the combination announcing that he and Kirsten were set to be welcome twins of different genders.

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As the family poured their cocktails, the parents’ drinks turned pink, whereas the siblings’ turned blue.

When they realized what was happening, all four members’ jaws dropped, and Hailey and Matthew jumped from their chairs in joy.


The surprise took place on November 23, but Kirsten shared a video of the moment on March 7, 2024, when she posted it on her TikTok channel to a viral response.

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Kirsten said: “It really was one of the most special days of my life.

“They are such welcoming and supporting in-laws, so we knew it would be a really exciting moment, but it exceeded all my expectations in the best way.

“They knew it was something we had been wanting for a long time and to continue their long tradition of twins made me feel like I was giving a gift back to them in a way, for all the love they have shown me.


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“I’m due May 20th, which is actually one day before my husband’s birthday.

“It’s very possible these little ones will come early, though, so we are ready whenever they are.”

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