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Father-to-Be Faints at Crucial Moment During Birth of His First Child in Hilarious Clip

Zach Parker, 28, fainted at the crucial moment during the birth of his first child, Ryan. The hilarious moment was caught on camera thanks to Peyton's mom, who had been dialed in on a video call moments after Ryan was born.

10-Month-Old Baby’s Adorable Double-Take Leaves Internet in Stitches

10-month-old Kyrie Bell can't tell the difference between her dad and great uncle, Corey Guy, who family members are convinced are doppelgängers. The video of Kyrie's adorable double-take has gone viral, with people from all over the world commenting on how cute and funny it is.

Dad Celebrates Putting Baby to Sleep With Hilarious Victory Twerk

A new dad went viral after he was caught on camera celebrating his success in putting his baby to sleep with a hilarious victory twerk. The video has been viewed over 12 million times and struck a chord with parents everywhere who can relate to the feeling of accomplishment.

Baby’s Cupcake Surprise Leaves Mom in Stitches

A mom was left in stitches when she found her baby daughter eating cupcakes in the back seat of her car. The 14-month-old Malayvia had broken into a box of cupcakes that her mom bought for her cousins, and she was happily munching away. The mom took a video of her daughter, and it quickly went viral.

Man Receives Intruder Alert, Discovers Girlfriend Dancing With Dog

Man receives an intruder alert while away on business, only to discover that his girlfriend and dog were having a dance party in his kitchen. Jose couldn't believe his eyes when he received the notification and opened it up to see the pair dancing.

Labrador’s Funny Hot Tub Antics Caught on Camera in Texas Home

Julie Sanchez couldn't believe her eyes when she looked out of her window and saw her dog Sammie Jo chilling in the hot tub.

Mom Shares Adorable Video of Toddler’s First Reaction to Seeing Her Shadow

10-month-old Piper Ballard was amazed to see her shadow on the ground when she first went outside, and her reaction has melted hearts around the world.

Teen’s Sweet Slip of the Tongue While Speaking to Girl’s Dad to Ask for...

A shy 15-year-old boy accidentally told his crush's dad that he loved him while asking for permission to take her on a date. The video of the phone call has since gone viral, with people praising the teen for his sweet gesture and the father for being such a kind and understanding father.

Dad Arrives on Horseback to Surprise Daughter on Her 15th Birthday at School Gates

A dad turned up at his daughter’s school on horseback to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

Family Prank Daughter’s New Boyfriend With This Hilarious Fake Pre-Dinner ‘Routine’

A family pranked their daughter's new boyfriend at the dinner with this hilarious fake dinner routine.