A man born with Down syndrome reads aloud a card to discover his future brother-in-law is asking him to be a groomsman and can hardly control his excitement.
An uncle fought tears as he pretended to be Santa on a call to his nephew as the boy asked as his only present to be reuniting with his uncle.
brothers reunited with parents
An emotional son could not hold back his happy tears as he finally reunited with his parents after more than two decades apart.
Pulled over by cops, surprised by military son
Shocked parents pulled over by police are left stunned as their military son hops out of the cop car to surprise them on return home from an 11-month deployment in the Middle East.
A pair of “quarantine babies” born in 2020 have gone viral after their parents shared a video of them being able to hug for the first time.
This is the hilarious moment a baby learning to crawl will only move when a wad of money is placed in front of her instead of her toys.
A woman suffering from chronic pain defied the odds to win a bodybuilding competition after refusing to let her condition stop her.
A boy who dreamed of being a big brother leaps with joy after reading a letter ‘from his baby brother’ revealing his mom is pregnant.
A police officer’s shock quickly switched to delight when a routine traffic stop turned into a surprise pregnancy reveal set up by his wife.
Flower man dances down the aisle
A flower man lit up a couple’s unique wedding and went viral after surprising guests with a dance routine down the aisle.