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Dog Out on Walkies Sniffs “Stranger” Before Realizing It is His Owner Back Home After 10 Months Apart

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A dog picks up a familiar scent while walking past a ‘stranger’ during walkies – before excitedly realizing his owner has returned home after 10 months apart.

Janine Juárez had been living and studying In Europe for a master’s degree, but returned home to Lima, Peru, around the new year to see family – and their three-year-old husky Zeus.

While on a walk through Parque de la Mujer, in San Borja, with Janine’s dad, Zeus had no idea he was approaching Janine sat on a bench a few yards away.

As he gets closer, he immediately senses something – before taking a closer look and sniff around Janine – and then realizing she’s home he jumps up, tail wagging wildly with excitement.

Zeus joined the family in April 2020 during the pandemic, as they would all be at home, so decided it was the ideal time to have a puppy – coinciding with the dog of a family friend having six puppies.

Catching the scent… ©T&T Creative Media
And finally recognizing his owner. ©T&T Creative Media

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After the reunion Janine shared the video on social media – where it went viral with millions of views.

She said: “I have been living in Barcelona for almost one year for master’s degree studies, but I managed to go to Lima two days before the end of the year.

“I took the opportunity to organize this reunion with Zeus to know if despite being almost a year away from home, he managed to recognize my smell.


“This is why I sat on a bench in the park, turning my back, while my dad took him out for his morning walk – and as you can see, Zeus apparently recognizes me by the smell and jumps towards me.

“Meeting him again was very nice, I missed him a lot and always ask for photos or videos of him.

“I didn’t expect him to react like this honestly, when I see the video again and his tail wagging and his little ears, I get excited again.

“The love and affection he gives us is enormous, he is a crazy and playful puppy but also very good and affectionate especially when he wants to go out to the park.


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