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Wife Sacrifices Her Dream Car, Buys Husband His Dream Truck Instead Leaving Him Crying With Joy

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A husband was left frozen in shock when his wife, who he thought he was helping obtain her dream car, surprised him with his dream truck instead.


For months, Kayla Suda, 26, went along with the charade that she had accepted her husband Alex’s support in sourcing her dream car, a JEEP Wagoneer.

With Alex, 34, from South Carolina, thinking his wife had been pre-approved for the vehicle, Kayla made excuse after excuse for why each JEEP she checked out wasn’t quite right.

Secretly, Kayla was thinking back to her birthday gift two years ago when Alex opted for the car she wanted, a BMW X3, which the family had since outgrown.

And so, in sourcing their new vehicle, Kayla called on the help of her brother, whose “bro talks” with Alex revealed he desperately wanted a GMC Sierra AT4.

For the best part of two months, Kayla scoured auto sites and spoke to dealers, hoping to get her husband one of these tough-to-source vehicles.


Eventually, she resorted to a 90-minute drive to Charleston with her grandma, where, after visiting many dealerships, they managed to find an available truck at the last stop.

Alex can’t believe his eyes when he leaves work to see his dream truck with a bow on it. ©T&T Creative Media

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On Friday, June 16, as an early Father’s Day gift, Kayla met her husband outside of his place of work.

With Alex expecting the vehicle to be a JEEP, the 34-year-old stopped dead in his tracks as he walked outside and discovered the truck of his dreams with a bow around it.


Alex could hardly speak throughout the surprise, such was the shock of the gift.

Kayla happened to ask someone to capture the moment on video, which she then shared online, where she was praised for putting her husband first.

She said: “I surprised him at work because I knew that is where he would least expect it.

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“I put a big red bow on the front of the truck and a sign that said Happy Father’s Day in the window.


“He was so surprised!

“He never puts himself first, so it made me feel so good to see him that happy.

“He is a humble, kind and genuine man who is more than deserving of this.

“The reaction on social media was so sweet.

“I just really enjoy making videos of our daily life and big moments so that one day we will have them to look back on.

“It’s hard to have your dream car in the palm of your hands and have to turn it away, but the happiness that it brought my husband was something I’ll never forget.”


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