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Young Girl With ADHD Surprised With Puppy

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A young girl with ADHD is surprised with a puppy after presenting research to her parents about how it could help her condition and a year of asking.

Eelynn Hayden, aged nine, produced a fully researched presentation for her parents at home in Fancy Farm, Kentucky, including studies from top U.S. universities and colleges.

She included data from the University of Alabama to show that a dog can be a great stress-reliever, as well as information about how a dog could help with her ADHD.

Within the detailed presentation she also discussed her duties including committing to feeding, bathing, playing with and taking the puppy on walks.

Impressed, mom Natalie and her husband agreed with Eelynn’s reasoning, but rather than tell her on the spot, decided to surprise her with a visit to the McCracken County Humane Society.


The miniature dachshund-chihuahua mix, named Rosie, was clutched tightly in Eelynn’s grasp in her mom Natalie’s car on April 16 as Natalie recorded the priceless moment to raise awareness of the work of local animal shelters.

Natalie said: “Rosie has meant intentional time for Eelynn to expel energy by running up and down steps, going on walks, etc.

“Additionally, she has brought some calm to Eelynn while she works on her home study assignments.

“It has brought lots of smiles and happy tears to many who have both read and shared her story.


“It’s our sincerest hope people realize the local shelters offer animals who could potentially be wonderful family pets and companions to families for years to come.

“Additionally, these adorable animals are lifetime commitments and will need care as well and forming bonds and making sure that pets are adequately trained for in-home living is crucial.

“Adopting or even purchasing a pet should be considered with great care.

“After all, you are adding a furry family member that will provide years of memories and, hopefully, mostly joy.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media



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