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Security Cam Captures Daughter’s Wholesome Conversation With Mom About Her Age

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A proud mom shared the security camera footage of an innocent conversation with her eight-year-old daughter, who was convinced her mother was only 21 years old because of how young she looked.


Youthful 32-year-old mom Storm Patterson, from Alabama, walked through her front door to discover her daughter, Korra, who started her conversation: “Mom, you know you’re 21….”

Korra explained how she had expressed her mother’s age to her friends in school, who had then pointed out that Storm must have been 13 and in middle school when her daughter was born.

Storm – who TikTok users praised for hearing her daughter out – then reassured her daughter that, while she appreciated the compliment, she is, in fact, 32 years of age.

A happy Korra smiled and replied, “Huh. Last time I thought you were 20,” before going about her day.

Storm said she corrected her daughter during the sweet interaction because she did not want her to get bullied in school over the age at which she gave birth to Korra.


She also said it’s wrong to judge people who might have a young mom – something she was trying to instill in Korra, too.

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The moment took place on April 8, and after Storm shared the video on TikTok, it received more than four million views.

Storm said: “My sister was the one who suggested that I post the video, as she’s more on social media than me.


“I’m actually very private when it comes to social media, except on TikTok, but the response there has been funny because I told my daughter she’s going viral, and she was excited about it.

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“My message for moms is: Let’s teach our kids that it’s not okay to judge someone simply because they have a young mom.

“Being a mom is hard enough, but to be a young teen mom is probably even harder – we don’t know the story or the struggles these young moms have gone through.

“For me, I see a mom trying her best by her kid, and that’s all that matters.”


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