Boy Drives Himself Into Major Surgery Thanks To The Electric Car


This is the adorable moment a boy aged six excitedly drives himself into surgery without a care in the world thanks to an electric car.

Logan Shane, who was born with a congenital defect in his skull, cruised the hospital hallways in the car on his way to the operating room just a week after major surgery to repair his skull.

The youngster was to have a revision of a Cranioplasty and instead of experiencing the usual worries and stress pre-surgery, Logan was enjoying his ride.

His dad, Edward, from York, Pennsylvania, filmed him riding through the hospital flanked by nurses looking happy and relaxed.

Logan’s mom, Tiffany, said: “Logan was born with a congenital defect in his skull which required major surgery to repair his skull – he is six years old and a fragile little guy.


“He was brought a red electronic motorized car to make his trip to his operating room to ease his worries and stress.

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“When he saw the car, his stress melted away and was able to make the trip without anesthetic intervention.

“He had a big smile on his face all the way back to the O.R. and even when placed on the surgical table.

“He went off to sleep and surgery was a success and little Logan is now recovering with his family at home.


According to local station Fox43 in Pennsylvania, the idea for the hot wheels started with one of the nurses at Wellspan York Hospital.

Jennifer Puglisi told the station: “I found a picture from another hospital, I think it was in Chicago, of a kid just driving back.

“He had smiles on his face and I was like, ‘If they can do that, why can’t we?’ our kids would love that”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.