A professional dancer has gone viral bringing joy to others during a time of personal despair as he opted to dance his way into his first stage of cancer treatment.
A son emotionally reunited with his biological mother after tracing her through a DNA test and Facebook.
A dad surprised his daughter after he returned home from deployment by dressing up in Beauty and the Beast costume to dance with her - before pulling off the mask and revealing his face.
A soldier returning home after a nine-month deployment overseas and two weeks in coronavirus quarantine received a surprise 100-car parade just minutes after his return.
A young boy with autism and an obsession for Toy Story could not hide his delight when he returned home to discover his parents had transformed his room to look just like the famous movie series.
A man was brought to tears as he flicked through the pages of a photo book given to him as a gift by his step-daughter before turning to the last page and discovering a picture that would change his life forever.
A police officer burst into tears at her swearing-in ceremony when she discovered her military son who she hadn't seen in two years would be pinning her badge.
A hard-up college girl spent the last dollars to her name to travel 5000 miles and visit her dad in hospital - before people moved by her story online helped cover her flight home and rent.
A student with special needs was delighted to be surprised by his caring teacher with a game of tic-tac-toe on his window during lockdown.
A colorblind nature photographer was left stunned as a specially-designed pair of glasses meant he could finally see the colors of sunset for the first time.