A bride and groom planned a unique surprise for the mother of the bride on their wedding day - taking to the dance floor and shaving their heads in solidarity with her fight against cancer.
Watch as determined 95-year-old military veteran, Daniel Biss, achieved his goal of launching himself off a diving board into a swimming pool.
An emotional groom was brought to tears when his best man, who he thought was on deployment overseas, turned up to surprise him on his wedding day in full military attire.
disabled el capitan climb
A group for caring friends made a disabled man with muscular dystrophy’s dream come true, by helping him climb part of the El Capitan’s vertical rock face in Yosemite National Park.
A baby is left in amazement as he excitedly watches The Lion King trailer - showing off a hilarious mixture of facial expressions.
A Louisiana couple literally put the party in their gender reveal party by discovering their baby’s gender during a Mardi Gras parade.
A brr-ide and groom had the perfect white wedding - getting married in Antarctica while fulfilling a dream of traveling to all seven continents.
A seven-year-old boy couldn’t hide his delight when he was finally reunited with his best pal by complete surprise.
A hungry baby went ape for his next meal - hilariously trying to breastfeed from a GORILLA statue.
estranged son and father reunite
A father was left completely speechless on his 90th birthday, as his estranged son who he had not seen for more than 25 years turned up to surprise him.