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Man Meets Half-Brother for First Time After Dreaming He Had Sibling

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A man was finally about to hug his brother for the first time after a dream where he had a sibling prompted him to take a DNA test and discover a new family member.


Despite moving to the Katy, Texas, area, Phuong Doan did not know that his half-brother, Juan Lewis, had attended high school just down the road.

In fact, Phuong, who moved to the United States from Vietnam in the 90s, had been searching for his American family for five decades, having been made aware that his father was once in the U.S. military when he met his mother in his homeland.

Phuong’s half-brother, Juan, meanwhile, had no idea that he had a sibling with ties on the other side of the world, either, as his father, Melvin Lewis, passed away in 1988 and never mentioned the subject.

It wasn’t until Juan, who was also in the military, came down with COVID that he had a chance dream, which he said informed him that he had a sibling.

Juan puts the vision he had down to the drugs that he was taking to fight the disease – but the experience was enough for him to look into his genealogy.


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When a DNA website matched Juan with Phuong, the Air Force veteran thought there must have been a mistake, given how different Phuong’s name sounded from his own.

But having contacted the website, Juan was informed the match was correct, and so he and Phuong started messaging, piecing together their incredible story.

The pair were in contact over the years that followed before Juan and Phuong’s wife, Linda, decided to plan a surprise first meeting for her husband.


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In September 2023, at a salon where Linda works in Katy, Texas, Phuong was chatting to his wife when Juan and his family walked in for the big surprise.

A stunned Phuong could not believe his eyes, heading over to his half-brother for an emotional first hug that had been fifty years in the making.

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