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Husband Spends 2.5 Hours Trying To Fold Fitted Sheets, Much To Amusement Of Wife

Wife can't believe her eyes as her hopeless husband spends two and a half hours attempting to fold a set of fitted sheets.

Girl’s Priceless Reaction To Maroon 5 Tickets Is Adorable

A Maroon 5 super fan breaks down in tears after she is gifted surprise tickets to one of their concerts for her birthday.

Crazy Duck Doesn’t Like Hooman Swimming In His Lake

Family fall about in hysterics as a boy is chased around a lake by a very territorial duck pecking at his feet

Mom Asks Toddler Whose Baby He Is, But His Answer Is Hilarious

Toddler laughs as he jokes with mom by calling her dada

Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Rollercoaster Will Melt Your Heart

Four-year-old instantly regrets her decision to go on a “big ride” rollercoaster.
Check out the 360 below

Dad Creates Hilarious 360-Degree Photo Revealing What Parenting Is Really Like

An imaginative dad has created what could be the first 360-degree photo pregnancy announcement - hilariously demonstrating what parenting is really like.

Injured Dog Gets Perfectly Placed Peanut Butter Treadmill Inspiration

One ingenious owner used peanut butter cleverly placed at the end of a treadmill to encourage her pooch to exercise as she recovered from an ACL injury.

Sports Mad Kid Pulls Out Loose Tooth By Hitting Mini Home Run

A sports mad seven-year-old opted for a novel way to pull out his third tooth - hitting a home run.

Mini Diva Throws Hollywood Sized Tantrum Mid-Recital To Tell Dad To Stop Filming

A pint-sized diva threw a hilarious Hollywood-level tantrum during a dance recital - demanding her proud dad stop recording her performance.

Dancing Grandma Tears It Up In Dance Off Against Youngsters

Dancing grandma takes on youngsters in a dance-off along New Orleans' famous Bourbon Street