©Kritikou Evi / T&T Creative Media

Opera may not be for everyone – but this pooch is clearly a huge fan.

Elly the dog was filmed singing along as an opera singer friend of her owner performed vocal exercises.

As tenor Dimitra Ioli Exarchou went through her repertoire of notes, Elly suddenly burst into song after each one.

©Kritikou Evi / T&T Creative Media

Evi Kritikou recorded the hilarious scene at home in Thessaloniki, Greece.

She said: “One day my best friend, an opera singer, was doing her vocal excursuses and my dog reacted to the high notes by howling along.

“It was a beautiful duet, no one would like to miss – so I began recording as they went back and forth singing the notes.”

Opera Singing Dog

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.