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A confident dad failed spectacularly after boasting he could do a ballet high kick better than his daughter.

Kenneth Freeman watched on as his daughter practiced for her upcoming ballet recital.

And as she honed her high kick, known as a grand battement, in the lounge of the family’s Atlanta home, Kenneth wasn’t content with just watching, insisting to his daughter he could do a better one.

Video filmed by his wife Keidra Scott-Freeman shows Kenneth proclaim in the background: “Step aside, please, so I can show you how to do it! Watch this.”

And with those famous last words ringing in everyones ears, Kenneth launches into a short run up before doing a high kick – and slipping onto his backside with a giant thud.

As his daughter and wife, Keidra, burst into laughter, Kenneth is left ruing his boast.

Keidra, who filmed the funny fail, said: “My husband has been in denial about being a ‘Dance Dad’ for years.

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“So when my daughter was practicing for her recital, my husband boasted he could show her how to do a particular move.

“I had to sit down and get this on video as I knew it would be good – but I didn’t realise how good.

“Little did we know that he would bust his ass.

“This video confirms that he can no longer deny that he’s a bonafide dance dad.”

Boastful Dad Fails Epically Copying Daughters Ballet Move

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