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Girlfriend Turns Detective and Accidentally Ruins Boyfriend’s Proposal

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A woman has shared the wholesome story of how her amateur detective work accidentally resulted in her cracking her boyfriend’s surprise proposal.


Not initially intending to ruin the surprise, 27-year-old Linda Yang from Connecticut put together clues from meal plans, her parent’s actions, and issues with her apartment’s security camera.

Linda met her boyfriend, Tam, 29, when they were studying at the University of Connecticut in 2017, bonding over a love of Korean pop and eventually moving in together as a couple.

Tam knew what Linda would like for her proposal, so he started working on a surprise and asked Linda’s family for support.

On the day of the surprise, January 18, Linda said that she was too busy with work to notice that her boyfriend might have been acting a little strange.

Having made it to her parents’ restaurant later in the day, though, Linda, who had thought about Tam’s behavior a little more, raised her suspicions when her parents, who said they were sure Tam’s behavior was perfectly normal.


Linda’s sister defended Tam’s actions, too, which made her more suspicious.

Linda became suspicious when her boyfriend switched off their living room camera.

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But another major clue, Linda said, was that her family had planned to head home to her apartment for an early dinner, which would be a dish of longevity noodles – a food often used for celebrations.

This caused the 27-year-old to check her Ring doorbell footage, which she noticed was offline and only raised more suspicions about what could happen in the apartment.


Linda documented her detective work in an amusing TikTok post, ending with her returning to her apartment, where she prepared for dinner and discovered Tam ready to propose.

Linda is greeted home with a note asking her to wear a pair of googles.
And is then escorted in by her boyfriend.

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Linda said: “I was shocked and speechless.

“It felt like I was living on a Pinterest board that I had created – everything was beautiful and thought out to my taste.

“The small details like a food station of sweets, the heart-shaped rose petals and candles, the petal trail, the cameras set up.


“It was indeed a content creator’s dream proposal.

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“I liked that he remembered the cameras because we both want this moment to be alone and documented for our memories and to share with our loved ones.

“I just couldn’t keep it together.

“My emotions were running so high that everything looked and felt like a blur, so I’m thankful to have videos and pictures to look back on.”

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