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Awww! Groom Can’t Hold Back The Tears As He Watches New Bride Walk Down...

This groom’s wedding day is even more emotional than most - as he cries uncontrollably while his new bride walks down the aisle.

Baby Tries To Share Ice Cream With Mom But Can’t Stop Eating It Before...

A sweet tooth toddler has gone viral after failing time and time again to deliver a spoonful of ice cream to her mom on the other side of the room because she couldn’t help but eat it along the way.

Son Interrupts Parents’ First Wedding Dance To Show Off Bug

A pair of newlyweds had their first wedding dance hilariously interrupted by their son after he barged in to show off a giant bug he found.

Three-year-old Secretly Slides Slice Of Bacon Under His Working-From-Home Dad’s Office Door As He...

A helpful youngster wanted to keep his busy working-from-home dad well fed by quietly sliding a slice of bacon under his dad's office door to keep him from going hungry during an important meeting.
Flower man dances down the aisle

Flower Man Shines As He Dances Down Aisle

A flower man lit up a couple’s unique wedding and went viral after surprising guests with a dance routine down the aisle.
Cat owner and cat at night

Cat Owner Goes Viral After Sharing Hilariously Fascinating CCTV Footage of His Pet’s Nightly...

A cat owner has given fascinated viewers a hilarious peek into his feline’s nightly routine by sharing security footage from inside his bedroom. Aaron Brown, 37, can be seen tossing and turning in bed as cat Tormund struts around the apartment, washes, climbs under his owner's arms, and, at multiple points, jumps on Aaron. The footage has since gone viral.

Dad-To-Be Hilariously Reacts To News He Is Having A Son At Gender Reveal Into...

This is the hilarious moment a dad-to-be finds out he is having a son in an extended family dominated by women.

Hilarious Moment 88-Year-Old Grandmother Reels In Catch On Virtual Reality Game

This is the hilarious moment an 88-year-old who husband was a fisherman reels in a virtual reality fish for the first time.

Man Accidentally Develops Hilarious Way Of Putting Friends’ Baby To Sleep Within 15 Seconds...

A man has accidentally discovered a hilarious unique way of putting his friends’ baby to sleep within 15 seconds - by stroking him with his beard.

Doctor Distracts Baby From Vaccine With Goofy Tune

A doctor distracts his baby patients while they recieve their first vaccines by singing an ingenious goofy song.