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Video of Dog Playing Peek-a-Boo With Owners Melts Hearts Online

A golden retriever keeps wanting to hide in his owner’s closet – so he can get excited and jump out on them when they open the door as if they just returned home.

Real Madrid Fan Dad Devastated At Daughter Receiving Barcelona Jersey At Quinceanera

A dad who has supported Real Madrid for more than three decades hilariously couldn’t hide his distaste when his daughter was surprised with the jersey of fierce rivals Barcelona at her quinceanera. 

Wholesome Dad Goes Undercover to Find Perfect Proposal Spot for Son-in-law Capturing Series of...

A wholesome father-in-law has gone undercover to discover the perfect proposal spot for his son-in-law capturing a compilation of hilarious snaps in scenic locations.

Girl, 5, Who Thought She Was Meeting Newborn Sister Surprised With Her New Twin...

A five-year-old who thought she was meeting her newborn sister for the first time couldn’t hide her shock when she discovered TWINS.

Amazing Moment Grandma With Mobility Walker Leads Mosh Pit During Heavy Metal Festival

A grandma with a mobility walker led the mosh pit during a heavy metal festival - much to the bemusement of festival goers.

Cat Goes Viral When She Flips Stereotypes and Comforts Scared Dog During Thunderstorm

A caring cat flipped stereotypes on their head by comforting a scared dog during a thunderstorm.

Daughter’s Delivery Disguise Fools Dad During Birthday Surprise

A dad was so excited to accept his takeout order he did not notice the delivery person was his daughter in disguise.

Cheeky Wombat Stops Hiker So It Can Twerk on Her Hiking Poles to Scratch...

A cheeky wombat turned to a hiker for a helping hand for an itch it couldn’t reach, twerking on her hiking pole to scratch its butt.

Passerby Captures Clever Dog Owner Using Drone to Exercise Their Delighted Pooch

An impressed passerby was amazed by a dog owner's ingenious way of exercising their pooch by operating a drone the dog could chase.

Nosey Dog Cleverly Teaches Itself to Open Owner’s Blinds so He Can People-Watch Through...

A nosey dog who loves sitting in his owners' window and people-watching has taken his viewing one step further by learning to open their blinds.
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