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Music-Loving Seven-Month-Old Warms Hearts on the Internet When She Starts Dancing to Her Family’s...

A seven-month-old baby has gone viral after she enthusiastically bounced in her jumper to her parent's song picks through Alexa, including AC/DC and Lionel Richie.

Baby Girl’s Expression of Disgust When She Touches Dad’s Bare Foot Is Priceless

A baby girl's disgusted face after accidentally touching her father's bare foot has gone viral, with millions viewing the video online.

Baby Trolls Mom by Saying Daddy Every-Time She Asks “Whose Baby Are You?”

This is the hilarious moment a baby firmly picks sides in the great mom versus dad debate. Mischievous Finley Guttery, two, constantly answers the question ‘Whose baby are you?’ by his mom...

Man Accidentally Develops Hilarious Way To Put Friends’ Baby To Sleep Within 15 Seconds

A man has accidentally discovered a hilarious unique way of putting his friends’ baby to sleep within 15 seconds - by stroking him with his beard.

Couple Adopt Shiba After She Couldn’t Stop Smiling at Them When They Visited Breeder

A couple shared a video of the heartwarming moment they knew they had to adopt a Shiba puppy when she couldn't stop smiling at them while they visited her breeder. Husband and...
Jordan delivers his speech

Boy’s Wholesome Speech at Mom’s Wedding Has Everyone in Stitches

A 12-year-old boy's wholesome speech at his mom's wedding, littered with jokes at his stepdad's expense, had wedding guests in stitches.

State Trooper Performs Hilarious Dance With Daughter

A loving cop more than made up for his daughter’s disappointment when she found out her dance season was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic – by learning her dance routine himself.

Glammed-up Friends Accidentally Book Nature Cruise Instead of Sunset Cruise

A group of glammed-up girlfriends, dressed in their finest attire, shared the hilarious moment they thought they were headed on a sunset cruise but had accidentally booked a nature-related voyage instead.

Great-Grandmother Catches Virtual Reality Fish, and Her Reaction Is Pure Joy

This is the hilarious moment an 88-year-old who husband was a fisherman reels in a virtual reality fish for the first time.

Dad Hilariously Reacts to News He’s Finally Having a Boy

This is the hilarious moment a dad-to-be finds out he is having a son in an extended family dominated by women.
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