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The blanket made from Summer's t-shirts

Family Makes Blanket From Late Mother’s T-Shirts to Comfort Grieving Father

Santiago Gonzalez's wife, Summer, passed away unexpectedly from COVID-19. On his first birthday since her passing, his children surprised him with a blanket made from her t-shirts. Santiago was overcome with emotion and the heartwarming moment was captured on video and went viral.

Neighbors Surprise Boy With Sidewalk Messages on Birthday

A boy celebrating his seventh birthday was given a wholesome surprise as he walked down the street to discover his neighbors had written well-wishes on the sidewalk. 

Lockdown Baby Who Hasn’t Been Out Much Struggles With New Outdoor Shoes

A lockdown baby has gone viral after her parents shared a hilarious video of her trying to walk in outdoor boots for the first time.

Three-year-old Secretly Slides Slice Of Bacon Under His Working-From-Home Dad’s Office Door As He...

A helpful youngster wanted to keep his busy working-from-home dad well fed by quietly sliding a slice of bacon under his dad's office door to keep him from going hungry during an important meeting.

10-Year-Old Girl Cries Happy Tears As She’s Surprised By Siblings Who Live On The...

A 10-year-old girl who lives on the East Coast screamed and cried happy tears as she was given a surprise reunion with her West Coast siblings, who she had not been able to see for a year.

“Quarantine Babies” Born In 2020 Adorably Can’t Stop Hugging When Meeting For First Time

A pair of “quarantine babies” born in 2020 have gone viral after their parents shared a video of them being able to hug for the first time.

Son Now Fully Vaccinated Travels Cross-country To Surprise Family Members He’s Not Seen In...

A newly vaccinated man crossed the country to surprise various family members after 14 months apart - recording their reactions. Steven Hurn paid his mother, twin sister and stepfather a surprise visit on April 1. The family had been kept apart during the pandemic, but as soon as he received his jab, Steven headed to the airport to reunite with his family.
Brothers reunited after covid separation

Brothers In Their 90s, The Last Of Nine Siblings, Finally Reunite After Year-long Covid...

Two brothers in their 90s - the last of nine siblings - emotionally reunite after being separated for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-Man Band Brightens Neighbors Days During Pandemic Shutdowns

A one-man band has been bringing joy to neighborhoods during the pandemic with his mood-boosting performances.
great-great-grandson surprise

Great-Great-Grandmother Surprised On 96th Birthday With First Visit From Family’s Latest Newborn

A 96-year-old woman clapped her hands and shook with joy as she finally got to hold her great-great-grandson for the first time after being separated from her family during the pandemic.
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