"Quarantine Babies" Born In 2020 Adorably Can't Stop Hugging When Meeting For...

“Quarantine Babies” Born In 2020 Adorably Can’t Stop Hugging When Meeting For First Time

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A pair of “quarantine babies” born in 2020 have gone viral after their parents shared a video of them being able to hug for the first time.

Were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, 13-month-old Maxwelle and six-month-old Keanu would have spent a lot of time together, their parents said.

But with Maxwelle’s family having a member who is immunocompromised, she, like many young children across America, was restricted to a home bubble.

That all changed, however, on May 13, when the pair met at their older siblings’ elementary school in Argyle, Texas.

Maxwelle’s parents, Sydney and Aaron Lopez, are extremely close to Keanu’s parents, Emily and Jesse Jacobs.


Aaron was hoping to get a long-awaited photo of the two babies together – but they soon got a much cuter moment than they bargained for.

Maxwelle, dressed in brown, couldn’t stop hugging Keanu, and vice versa.

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Sydney thought Maxwelle might be infatuated by Keanu because of his blue eyes, as all of the Lopez’s have dark eyes.


Sydney, a hair stylist, said the moment made her think of the U2 song “Sweetest Thing,” which includes the line: “Blue-eye boy meets a brown-eye girl.”

The mom first shared the adorable video with the Jacobs’ – but after the two decided to then post the video online, with the song reference, it soon took off.

Sydney, speaking of the loving embrace, said: “Honestly, it was the sweetest moment.

“We started filming several minutes into their embrace because we’re all so captivated by them both.

“Two families, coming together to watch the pure, innocent, agape love that these babies shared.

© @sydneyannlopezhair / tt-creative.com – Left: Mom Emily Jacobs with Keanu, Right: Mom Sydney Lopez with Maxwelle

“Maxwelle just kept hugged Keanu in closer and closer – she is so full of joy and always smiling that this was not a surprise at all.”

Keanu’s dad, Jesse, said: “I smile every time I watch the video – how can you not?

“I am super happy other can get joy from our Keanu.

“He’s a special dude and he truly does spread so much joy to others – I am happy that happened.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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