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Woman Cries As She Rings Cancer Bell That Was Delivered To Her Home Because...

A 21-year-old celebrated beating cancer for the second time by ringing a bell delivered to her home as she couldn’t make it to the hospital to ring it due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Couple Marry For Second Time At Care Home So Bride’s Isolating Grandmother Can Attend

A pair of newlyweds undertook a beautiful gesture for the bride's grandmother, by getting married for the second time so she could attend. Virginia, 90, was forced to isolate due to her health and COVID-91 protocols, meaning she missed her granddaughter's original wedding a week earlier. Undeterred, the couple worked with care home manager Christina Scott to make bride Virginia's dream come true and have her grandmother see her walk down the aisle and marry Harvey Sydnor.

Girl Reunites With Dad After 10 Months Apart Due To COVID Restrictions

A little girl anxiously waits at her living room window for the arrival of her dad who she hasn’t seen in 10 months due to COVID restrictions - before charging outside into his arms.

Dog Goes Wild At Being Reunited With Doctor Owner After They Had Spent Three...

An excitable dog couldn’t hide his delight at finally being reunited with his doctor owner after almost three weeks apart due to COVID-19 precautions.

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Screams With Joy As She’s Surprised By Best Friend She...

A girl with cerebral palsy let out a shriek of joy when she was surprised by her best friend who she hadn’t seen for four months due to COVID restrictions.

Couple Married 45 Years Leave Hospital Together After Virus Recovery

A married couple have been discharged from hospital together after recovering from COVID-19.

Husband Surprises Wife of 63 Years On Birthday After Being Separated By COVID-19 Pandemic

An 84-year-old began balling happy tears when she was surprised by her husband of 63 years on her birthday after the coronavirus pandemic had kept the couple apart.
sports car surprise

Grandpa Thinks First Meal Out With Family Since February Is Birthday Gift – But...

A grandfather couldn’t hold back his tears when he was surprised with his dream sports car on his 80th birthday after his first meal out with his family since February due to COVID.

Man Proposes To Partner As She Is Wheeled Out Of Hospital After Beating Covid

A man got down on one knee to propose to his partner as she was wheeled out of intensive care having beaten COVID-19.

Baby Gets Guard Of Honor From Doctors And Nurses After Beating Covid

A six-month-old baby was given an emotional guard of honor by tearful nurses after she was released from isolation having beaten the coronavirus.