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Amy is a reporter at Happily. After taking a creative writing degree, she has written for various entertainment publications in both the UK and USA. She loves unearthing and sharing good news stories from communities across the country, shining a light on the positive actions of everyday people. When not working, she loves nothing more than taking in a Broadway show or relaxing with her adorable Chihuahua, Jasper.



Retiring Therapy Dog Given Adorable Guard Of Honor By Hospital Staff

A beloved therapy dog was given an emotional sendoff by hospital staff and patients who lined the corridors to give her a guard of honor on her final day.

Runners Slow To Help Boy With Ultra Rare Genetic Condition Win Track Race

A boy with a rare genetic condition impacting less than 10 people worldwide entered and won his first ever track meet thanks to rival runners - crossing the finish line to raucous cheers.

Son Now Fully Vaccinated Travels Cross-country To Surprise Family Members He’s Not Seen In 14 Months, Filming Their Reactions

A newly vaccinated man crossed the country to surprise various family members after 14 months apart - recording their reactions. Steven Hurn paid his mother, twin sister and stepfather a surprise visit on April 1. The family had been kept apart during the pandemic, but as soon as he received his jab, Steven headed to the airport to reunite with his family.

Man Cycles Cross Country To Have Emotional First Embrace With The Parents Of His Heart Donor, Who Gave Him A Second Chance At Life

A cycling enthusiast received a greeting like no other as he completed a cross-country bike ride to hug his heart donor's parents for the very first time. Mike Cohen received a heart transplant after doctors discovered a clot the size of a golf ball. His donor, the late Navy Lieutenant James Mazzuchelli, died on active service. So once Mike had regained his fitness post operation he embarked on an epic journey across America to reunite Lt. Mazzuchelli's parents with his heart again.

Military Dad Hides In Trunk To Surprise Son After Return From Deployment

A son couldn’t believe his eyes as he peered over the back seat of his family’s SUV looking for a surprise to discover his military dad had returned home after a year in the Middle East. When Joseph Frey, 29, left for active duty, the global pandemic was just beginning to take hold.

Man Surprises Girlfriend With Dream JEEP As Birthday Surprise

A joyous girlfriend fell to her knees in shock when, having blown out the candles on a birthday cake she really wanted, she turned around to discover her boyfriend had surprised her with her dream car.

Brothers In Their 90s, The Last Of Nine Siblings, Finally Reunite After Year-long Covid Separation

Two brothers in their 90s - the last of nine siblings - emotionally reunite after being separated for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Father Bursts Into Happy Tears When He Receives A Cap Of His Favorite Sports Team, Only To Realize That It’s Been Personalized To Reveal...

A grandpa-to-be burst into happy tears when his daughter revealed her pregnancy news on a personalized hat of his favorite football team.

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