Good NewsAnimal RescueWoman Rescues Tiny Rodent Trapped in Kiddie Pool

Woman Rescues Tiny Rodent Trapped in Kiddie Pool

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A tiny rodent trapped in a kiddie pool was about to drown until a woman came to its rescue just in time.


Megan Vonfeldt from Edmond, Oklahoma, had just returned from walking her kids to school on August 24 when she spotted her dog outside playing with the birds in the backyard.

As she headed out to film the pooch, she heard a splashing noise – then turned round to find the baby being desperately treading water and knew she had to act.

When Megan rushed over to the pool, the rodent used all its remaining energy to swim towards her.

With only her hands to help, Megan revealed she knew the rodent wouldn’t bite her by the way it looked up at her, so dipped her hand into the water to scoop it up.

She then provided safety and some food for the tiny creature to warm up and recover before it headed back into the wild.


Megan also found some leftover landscape rocks to put in their water pool and made a makeshift escape route just in case another small baby fell in by accident.

She said: “I’d just sat down to do my nails – that’s why one hand has nails and the other doesn’t – when I saw my dog playing with the birds in the backyard.

“I went out to film her and kept thinking I could hear splashing. I looked over at her pool and there was what I thought was a mouse stuck treading water.

The rodent paddles in the pool.
And is plucked to safet by Megan

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“I ran over to try to figure out how to get her out and as it turns out, all I had was my hand. I knew by the way she looked up at me she wasn’t going to bite me.

“My three kids and their friends are convinced I’m magic – my daughter told the kids in her 2nd-grade class I communicate with animals like Dr. Doolittle.

“Apparently, I haven’t been paying attention to how often these interactions are happening. Whether I’m rescuing rats and spiders or being approached by deer while hiking, these encounters have been happening since I was little.

“Grace and Mercy are universal. We’ve seen it time and again with humans and animals alike – just because a creature or insect is small, it doesn’t mean it deserves a death sentence.

“I understand not everyone experiences or sees life the same way, but if you can trap and release, I promise your heart will thank you.”


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