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Family Screams in Terror as College Daughter Returns Home

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A college girl returned home to surprise her parents, but it didn’t go to plan.


Carly Jakob walked into the lounge and shouted, “So what’s for dinner?” to her family, expecting a joyful reunion.

But her parents and sister reacted unexpectedly, as Carly caught them as they watched a creepy murder documentary.

Turning to the doorway as Carly enters and shouts her greeting, all three scream in shock.


pov: surprising your family from college while they’re watching a murder documentary

♬ original sound – Carlyjakob

Carly’s sister can be seen falling to the floor with her hands over her eyes.

The video, which has been viewed millions of times on TikTok has set people talking.


One user said: “I need to know what they were watching for them to react that way”

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Another commented: “Why did everyone think they were about to die.”

And a third added: “Watched so many times and it still just gets funnier.”


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