A son who hadn’t seen his mom in nearly a decade left her crying happy tears when he wore his twin’s clothes and walked into the family’s living room to celebrate her birthday.
A personal trainer and his 80-year-old client have gone viral after the coach shared a video of them celebrating as she successfully completed a box jump she spent months building up to.
A doctor-to-be was surprised during her white coat ceremony by her long-distance boyfriend who had traveled across the country to see her.
An elderly man has gone viral after he was caught on video writing wholesome chalk messages back to a group of neighborhood children.
A musical dad has come up with an ingenious way of stopping his baby from crying - by beatboxing his way to grabbing the youngster's attention.
A boyfriend called on some special helpers to assist with his grand proposal for his teacher girlfriend – by asking her entire school to help.
A beloved teacher was left absolutely stunned when his students surprised him with a rare pair of sneakers he’d always wanted when he was a teenager but could never afford.
A toddler with special needs beams with joy as he tries on a pair of glasses and sees his parents’ faces for the first time.
A teen gave her former sports coach and foster father a birthday surprise of a lifetime when he removed a blindfold and discovered a loving adoption request.
Puppy Surprise Recreation
A mom from the MidWest has gone viral after her family recreated her puppy surprise now that the dog weighs a whopping 130 pounds. The original, shot two years ago on Mother's Day, shows son Alexander carrying a young Loki the Bernese Mountain Dog into his mom's bedroom to surprise her. But after the video went viral, they decided to reenact it - with a fully grown, 130-pound Loki.