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Amy is a reporter at Happily. After taking a creative writing degree, she has written for various entertainment publications in both the UK and USA. She loves unearthing and sharing good news stories from communities across the country, shining a light on the positive actions of everyday people. When not working, she loves nothing more than taking in a Broadway show or relaxing with her adorable Chihuahua, Jasper.



Girl Whose Beloved Dog Passed Away Surprised With Cuddle Pillow

A girl cried happy tears when she opened a gift from her family to find a memory pillow of her late dog.

Four-year-old Who Misses Grandpa Living on the Other Side of the Country is Captured on Security Cam Picking Up Photo of Him, Hugging It...

A four-year-old missing her grandpa who lives on the other side of the country was captured on security camera taking down a photo of him, hugging it, and crying while sitting on her bed.

Grandpa Gets Emotional When He Hears Granddaughter Sing in Spanish for First Time

A grandpa sobbed tears of joy when he heard his granddaughter sing a sentimental song in his native Spanish for the first time.

Baby Left Paralyzed After Breaking Neck When Being Hit by Car Makes Miracle Recovery and Learns to Walk Again Thanks to Scenic Hikes

A baby left with a broken neck and paralyzed after being struck by a car has made a miracle recovery through his love of nature, using stunning hikes in the big wide world as a form of physical therapy.

Bride Brought to Tears By Voice Note From Late Father Aired During First Dance

A brother surprised his sister on her wedding day by playing a message from their late father during her first dance song.

Dog Out on Walkies Sniffs “Stranger” Before Realizing It is His Owner Back Home After 10 Months Apart

A dog picks up a familiar scent while walking past a ‘stranger’ during walkies – before excitedly realizing his owner has returned home after 10 months apart.

Three-year-old Boy Goes Viral for Daily Routine of Racing His Brother’s School Bus Along the Sidewalk

A three-year-old boy has gone viral after his mom shared a series of videos of his daily races against his brother's school bus.

Wife Surprises Husband With His Dad and Grandma at Border Wall After 12 Years Apart

A man was brought to tears at the U.S.-Mexico border wall when his wife surprised him with his grandmother and father, who he had not seen in 12 years.

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