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MrBeast and Social Media Influencers Unite to Remove 17,000 Tons of Ocean Trash

YouTuber sensation MrBeast, known for his over-the-top stunts and generous giveaways, has set a new record, but this time it's not for views or subscribers.

Strangers Who Like Each Other’s Blouses Swap Them In Costco

A pair of strangers who admired each other’s blouses while walking through Costco shared a sweet moment when they decided to swap clothes right in the middle of the store.  While walking through her local...

Amazing Moment Grandma With Mobility Walker Leads Mosh Pit During Heavy Metal Festival

A grandma with a mobility walker led the mosh pit during a heavy metal festival - much to the bemusement of festival goers.

Cat’s Vitiligo Leaves Black Fur Covered in White Dots Making It Look Like Galaxy

An adorable cat’s vitiligo has left its black fur covered in white dots, making it look like a galaxy.

Dog Adopted After 372 Days Gets Guard of Honor as He Heads to Forever Home

A shelter dog who spent 372 days waiting to be adopted has finally found his forever home - and got a guard of honor as he joined his new humans.

Man Built a ‘Snowdog’ That Is the Spitting Image of – His Pet Dog

A pet owner built a dog out of snow and it is the spitting image of his dog.

Mom Who Had Two Miscarriages, Has Rare Triplets

A mom who suffered two miscarriages was shocked to learn she was having rare triplets.

California Great-Grandparents Drive 86 Miles With Truck Full of Snow for Toddler’s First Winter Wonder

In a heartwarming gesture, grandparents in California surprised their family with a truckload of snow, creating a magical winter experience for their grandkids.

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