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Amy is a reporter at Happily. After taking a creative writing degree, she has written for various entertainment publications in both the UK and USA. She loves unearthing and sharing good news stories from communities across the country, shining a light on the positive actions of everyday people. When not working, she loves nothing more than taking in a Broadway show or relaxing with her adorable Chihuahua, Jasper.



Adorable Baby Goes Viral As Harry Styles-Obsessed Mom Shows How Listening To The British Pop Star Immediately Soothes Her Child

An adorable five-month-old baby girl has gone viral after her mom showed how listening to Harry Styles immediately calms her down.

Sheriff Deputy Busts A Move Instead Of Busting Dance Group For Noise Complaint

A sheriff’s deputy left a young dance group screaming for joy when he bust a move instead of busting them for a noise complaint.

Toddler Has Adorable Reaction To Seeing Herself In Portrait Her Grandfather Painted Of Her

A toddler jumps up and down with excitement as she sees a portrait her grandfather painted of her for the very first time.

Toddler Goes Viral As He Closes Eyes, Bows Head And Holds Parents’ Hands In Adorable Mealtime Prayer Routine

A toddler has gone viral after his family shared adorable footage of him joining in with their mealtime prayer.

Disney Mad Couple Reunite In Magic Kingdom After 8 Months Apart When Fiancée Crosses Atlantic To Surprise Her Husband-To-Be

A Disney loving couple, who had been apart for eight months, reunited inside Disney's Magic Kingdom - where they had got engaged.

Five-year-old Goes Viral After Dad Attaches Custom Plow to Battery-Operated Truck So Youngster Can Clear Drive in Blizzard

A kind-hearted five-year-old shot to viral fame after his dad modified his drivable toy truck to help plow their driveway.

Cancer-Suffering Veteran and Wife Apart for the Longest Time Since Vietnam War After Contracting Covid Emotionally Reunited

A cancer-suffering veteran and his wife had not been apart since the Vietnam War. but after COVID-19 struck, the pair were unable to see each other in person while bobbie, 79, underwent treatment in hospital. The separation was devastating for the besotted pair, so when they finally got to reunite the moment was all the sweeter.

Veteran Who Suffered Accident, Lost Memory and Regained It Again in the Middle of the Pandemic Finally Gets to Reunite With Beloved Dog He...

A military veteran who suffered a motorcycle accident and lost his memory for more than a month, causing him to come to terms with what had happened in the middle of a pandemic, was given a loving embrace by his dog as he was finally able to remember him and return home.

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