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Man Built a ‘Snowdog’ That Is the Spitting Image of – His Pet Dog

A pet owner built a dog out of snow and it is the spitting image of his dog.

Mom Who Had Two Miscarriages, Has Rare Triplets

A mom who suffered two miscarriages was shocked to learn she was having rare triplets.

California Great-Grandparents Drive 86 Miles With Truck Full of Snow for Toddler’s First Winter Wonder

In a heartwarming gesture, grandparents in California surprised their family with a truckload of snow, creating a magical winter experience for their grandkids.

Daughter Captures Heartwarming Moment Mom With Alzheimer’s Remembers 40-Year Marriage

A daughter captures a touching moment when her mother with Alzheimer's remembers their 40-year marriage.

Dad Makes Surprise Jason Kelce-Style Entrance at Kids’ Taylor Swift Party

A dad has gone viral for his entrance into a kids' Taylor Swift-themed birthday party, walking into the living room dressed as a topless Jason Kelce.

Young Author’s Dream Comes True When His Mom Secretly Publishes His Book and Surprises Him With It

A 10-year-old aspiring author received the gift of a lifetime when his mom surprised him with his very own published children's book.

Animal Shelter Hosts Unique Fundraiser with ‘Poorly Drawn Pets’ Initiative

An animal shelter's unique fundraiser is drawing amateurish versions of their donators pets in a bid to raise thousands for rehoming.

Seal Rescued After Suffering Plastic Ring Around Neck For Six Years

A seal has finally been rescued after suffering with a plastic ring stuck around his neck - for six years.

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