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Only Granddaughter Surprises Grandmother In Nursing Home Wearing Wedding Dress After Her Grandmother Missed...

A grandma who missed her only granddaughter's wedding because of a fall was given an emotional surprise when her loved one showed up wearing her wedding dress and the shoes she had gifted her for the big day.

Sheriff’s Deputy Proposes In Courtroom With Writ Asking To Marry Girlfriend

A sheriff's deputy came up with a unique way to propose to his wife, who is a member of staff at their local District Attorney's office – by "filing" a writ of his proposal and heading into the courtroom to raise it before getting down on one knee.

Groom Goes Viral After Wrapping His Shivering Bride In Suit Jacket During Outdoor Wedding

A groom has gone viral after kindly wrapping his suit jacket around his shivering bride to keep her warm at their outdoor wedding.

Awww! Groom Can’t Hold Back The Tears As He Watches New Bride Walk Down...

This groom’s wedding day is even more emotional than most - as he cries uncontrollably while his new bride walks down the aisle.

Son Returns From Deployment To Surprise ‘Best Friend’ Mom And Walk Her Down Aisle

A military son brought his "best friend" mom to tears on her wedding day after returning home from a nine-month deployment to surprise her before walking her down the aisle.

Man Surprises Stepchildren With Adoption Request At Wedding

An emotional groom picked up not only a wife but two new daughters – as he surprised his wife's children with an adoption request.

Organ Donor’s Dad Walks Recipient Down Aisle On Her Wedding Day

An organ donation recipient offered up a loving gesture on her wedding day when she asked her donor's father to walk her down the aisle.

Terminally Ill Brother Walks Sister Down The Aisle

A heartbroken family was able to make their terminally ill son's final wish come true, as they moved his sister's wedding to his hospital so that he could walk her down the aisle.

Son Interrupts Parents’ First Wedding Dance To Show Off Bug

A pair of newlyweds had their first wedding dance hilariously interrupted by their son after he barged in to show off a giant bug he found.

Woman Paralyzed In Car Crash At 5 Months Pregnant Fulfills Dream Of Walking Down...

A woman paralyzed in a car accident when she was five months pregnant wowed guests on her wedding day by fulfilling her dream of walking down the aisle under her own strength.