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Grandmother Who Has Never Been A Bridesmaid Lights Up When Granddaughter Asks Her To...

A grandma who has never been a bridesmaid lit up when her granddaughter asked her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding.

Determined Dad Leaves Hospital Early To Surprise Daughter On Wedding Day And Walk Her...

A hospitalized dad brought his daughter to tears on her wedding day after leaving hospital early to surprise her and walk her down the aisle.

Bride Asks Man With Down Syndrome To Be Ring Security At Wedding

A bride and her friend with Down syndrome have warmed hearts after she assigned him to be the "ring security" at her wedding. 

Wheelchair-Bound Groom With Rare Brain Condition Rises To Feet For First Dance With New...

A wheelchair-bound groom gave his wife a beautiful surprise on their wedding day, by undergoing months of physical therapy so he could rise from his chair for their first dance. 

Deployed Best Man Interrupts Own Pre-Recorded Speech With Surprise Entrance

A groom was left sobbing while watching a video message from his military brother who he thought couldn’t attend the wedding suddenly walks off-screen and into the ceremony to surprise him.

Mom Thought Military Son Couldn’t Make Wedding Day… But Her Hero Never Let’s Her...

A military son sent his mom a Build-A-Bear of himself on her wedding day as he “couldn't make it” - but turned up to walk her down the aisle.

First-Look Wedding Photoshoot Turns Out To Be Adoption Request

An emotional groom who opted to do a wedding day first-look shoot with his stepdaughter was brought to happy tears when he turned around and she asked him to adopt her.

“I’ve Waited 2555 Days For This Moment” – Girl Walks Up To Alter At...

A girl stepped up to the altar at her mom's wedding to surprise her stepfather with an emotional adoption request after 2555 days.

Couple Announce Pregnancy On Wine Bottles At Wedding Rehearsal

A couple who found out they were pregnant two weeks before their wedding announced the news to stunned guests on a series of wine bottles.

Bone Marrow Recipient Surprised With Emotional Flower Girl Request By Donor

A seven-year-old girl who has beaten cancer twice had an emotional surprise when her bone marrow donor asked her to be a flower girl at his wedding. Ryan Garippo, 26, from Chicago, Illinois, had secretly traveled across the U.S. to Nashville, Tennessee, to ask Arlie Wolfe for a helping hand on his big day. Arlie is a two-time cancer survivor who was able to beat the disease thanks to a donation from Ryan, who proved to be a perfect match. Donors are initially kept anonymous, but on the day of her one-year biopsy to make sure she was cancer-free, Arlie's mom, Lisa, 32, received a call from Ryan, who said he wanted to meet. It's rare for recipients to get to meet their donors, but Ryan and Arlie met for the first time in Nashville, in July 2019, and have shared an incredible bond since. So as soon as Ryan began planning his wedding with fiancee Elizabeth, he knew he wanted to have Arlie as a flower girl, setting up the surprise reveal with the help of Arlie's family.