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Glyn, Shannon and golden retriever Charlie.

Golden Retriever Helps Bride-to-Be Keep Wedding Dress Clean by Carrying Hem of Dress

Shannon and Glyn's dog Charlie is a three-year-old golden retriever who loves to help out. When Shannon was on her way home from her engagement shoot, Charlie offered to carry the bottom of her wedding dress so it didn't get muddy. Charlie was so gentle and careful, and he didn't even crease the fabric.

Dodgers Fan Bride Surprises Father With Emotional Rendition of 7th Inning Stretch at Wedding

A bride surprised her father with a unique twist on the traditional father-daughter dance at her wedding. Instead of dancing, the bride and her father sang the 7th inning stretch from a Dodgers game, a tradition they shared when she was growing up. The video of the moment has gone viral, with people from all over the world praising the couple for their creativity and love for each other.

Grandparents Surprised With 50th Anniversary Wedding After Never Having a Ceremony

Scottie and Kay Kratchen, from Chesapeake, Virginia, were surprised with a dream wedding 50 years after they got married in a small courthouse ceremony. The couple's family and friends gathered at a church to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and the moment was captured on video. The video has since gone viral, with people from all over the world praising the family for their gesture.

Colorblind Groom Sees the World in Full Color for First Time Thanks to Bride’s...

A bride's thoughtful gift brought her colorblind groom to tears of joy. Kalle Larsen presented Tyler Goeckeritz with a pair of colorblind glasses at their first-look wedding shoot in the Utah mountains.

Bride Wears Wedding Dress to Surprise 90-Year-Old Grandmother Who Was Too Unwell to Attend...

A bride surprised her 90-year-old grandmother who was too unwell to attend her wedding by wearing her wedding dress during a visit to see her instead. The grandmother's reaction was priceless, and the moment was captured on video.

Stepbrothers Warm Hearts When They Give Wholesome Best Man’s Speech at Their Blended Family’s...

A pair of young stepbrothers warmed hearts when they decided to take the mic and carry out the traditional best man's speech at their parents' wedding.

Bride Can’t Believe Dad’s First Words at First-Look Photo Shoot

An emotional dad blurted out his daughter looked like a big paper towel during a first-look reveal on her wedding day sending them both into hysterics.

Teen’s Speech to Stepdad at Wedding Leaves Guests in Tears

A Bride’s son gave an emotional and heartfelt speech to his stepdad during their wedding celebrations, capturing people's hearts online and leaving guests in tears. Jesus Gonzalez, 14, surprised his mother by getting up to deliver the speech, something she says she was not expecting.

Disney-Loving Bride Surprises Guests With Mashup of Disney Songs in Wedding Speech

Bride Josie McSollars surprised her wedding guests with a mashup of Disney songs in her wedding speech. The surprise made guests howl with laughter, as Josie added in references to COVID, her friends, family, people getting drunk at the bar, and poked fun at her husband's groomsmen.

Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Forgets Wedding, but Granddaughter’s Surprise Visit in Wedding Dress Brings Back...

Laura Schulman, 25, visited her grandmother Ruth Crowe, 84, in her wedding dress on her big day. Ruth has Alzheimer's and struggles remembering her family, but she was overjoyed seeing her granddaughter in her wedding dress. The moment was captured on video and has since gone viral.