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Surgeon Groom Shows Off His Stitching Skill as He Sews Up His Wife’s Wedding Dress, Which Had Broken on Their Big Day

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A surgeon groom got a chance to show off his skills on his wedding day when he paused to sew up his wife’s wedding dress that had broken on the dancefloor.


Alex Skidmore, 28, is a neurosurgery resident at the University of Kentucky, and one of the biggest things his mentors recommended back in medical school was getting good at stitches and “closing” a wound.

And so, when a dip dance move on the dance floor between husband and wife popped a strap on bride Meghan’s dress, there was only one man for the job.

Meghan’s sister quickly found someone with an emergency sewing kit, and bride and groom headed into a separate room, where Alex got to work stitching the strap back up.

The wholesome moment, which took place on September 17, at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, Kentucky, was captured on video by the couple’s videographer, Rebecca Ann Aesthetic, who later shared the video on their social media channels.

Rebecca Ann Aesthetic / T&T Creative Media
Rebecca Ann Aesthetic / T&T Creative Media

Since then, the couple have said they have enjoyed watching people share and comment on the sweet clip, which was a slow, loving moment on a “high-energy” day.


Later in the night, Meghan admitted, she actually popped the other strap on her dress – but Alex’s stitches held firm, and she will always have them as a loving memento from the day.

Speaking of the moment, Meghan, 27, said: “I knew he’d be more worried than I was about pricking me, so it was just a matter of me sitting very still on an otherwise high-energy day, trying to be a good patient.

Rebecca Ann Aesthetic / T&T Creative Media

“It was wonderfully relaxing to sneak in a little quiet time together and laugh about it. 

“I love that my wedding dress will always have those tiny pink stitches he put in to make my night easier.


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