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Father Wears Daughter’s First Pacifier During First-Look Shoot, Melts Hearts Online

A father wears his daughter's first pacifier around his neck during their first-look shoot on her wedding day. The heartwarming moment has gone viral, with people praising the father for his sweet gesture.

Bride Pays Tribute to Late Father on Wedding Day by Having All the Important...

A bride had a beautiful surprise for her wedding guests in the absence of her late father, inviting all the important men in her life onto the dance floor for the traditional daddy-daughter dance.

Proud Dad Cries When Daughter Surprises Him With T-Shirt Revealing She’s Headed to His...

A proud father cries tears of joy as his daughter hands him a t-shirt revealing she is set to attend his dream college.

Family Prank Daughter’s New Boyfriend With This Hilarious Fake Pre-Dinner ‘Routine’

A family pranked their daughter's new boyfriend at the dinner with this hilarious fake dinner routine.

Navy Dad Reunites With Daughter After First Time Apart While He Was in Navy...

A three-year-old girl who had never been apart from her father before couldn’t hide her excitement when he returned from Navy basic training and A School after three months to surprise her.

Daughter Returns to Guatemala From U.S. To Surprise Tearful Dad After Seven Years Apart

A woman who moved to the United States when she was a little girl returned to Guatemala to surprise her dad after seven years apart.

Dad Pranked by Daughter With Fake Tattoo of His Face on Her Arm After...

A daughter played a sweet prank on her father convincing him that she had gotten a tattoo of his face on her arm after he had joked for years that her next tattoo should be just that.

Mom Breaks Down When She Is Surprised With Build-a-Bear Containing Late Daughter’s Voice

A mom couldn’t hold back her tears when she was surprised with a teddy bear containing her late daughter's voice.

Toddler Spends Months High-Fiving Mom’s Pregnancy Belly Before Finally Getting to Do so With...

A mom has shared a cute compilation of her toddler spending months high-fiving her pregnant belly before finally getting do to so with her newborn sibling.

Military Dad Surprises Daughter Who Thinks She’s Picking Up Family Friend

An eight-year-old girl who thinks she is waiting at an airbase for a family friend suddenly bursts into happy tears when her mom reveals that actually her dad is about to return from deployment.
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