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Police Officer’s Retirement Made Special After Dispatcher Daughter Flies in to Make Final Call

A retiring police officer was surprised by his daughter on his final call back to the dispatch room before retirement.

Cancer-Stricken Mom and Daughter Share Emotional Hug After Both Going Into Remission

Danielle Draper and her mom Kristin both battled cancer at the same time. Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin's lymphoma, and her mom was diagnosed with myelofibrosis. After both going into remission, Danielle surprised her mom with the news that she was also in remission.

Commuting Dad Turns Back After Doorbell Notification Alerts Him to Daughter Trying to Say...

A Missouri father turned around after receiving a doorbell notification that his daughter was trying to say goodbye at the door. The video has gone viral after Adam was captured turning back to give his daughter a hug.

Woman Tracks Down Biological Father Online, Shares Tearful First Hug After 25 Years

A woman has shared a tear-filled first-ever hug with biological father after 25 years, having tracked him down through Facebook and then waited four years to finally meet.

Toddler Bursts Into Tears of Joy as She’s Reunited With Military Dad After 8...

Lola Dowdy, aged two, was reunited with her father, Dawson Dowdy, an aircrewman with United States Navy, after eight months apart. The toddler was so excited to see her father that she burst into tears of joy.

Stepdad’s Tears of Joy at Wedding Day First Look Melt Hearts

Stepdad Tom bursts into tears of joy as he sees his stepdaughter Kristen for the first time in her wedding dress. The heartwarming moment has gone viral, with people from all over the world commending Tom for his love and support.

Dad With Vision Impairment Surprises Daughter With Heartfelt Song at Wedding

A dad with vision impairment surprised his daughter with a heartfelt song at her wedding bringing tears to everyone's eyes. Alexander Miller, who is legally blind, recorded his own version of the father-daughter dance song and played it as he danced with his daughter, Aimee. The gesture has quickly gone viral.

Vietnam Veteran Finally Meets Daughter Lost in War’s Aftermath

A Vietnam veteran reunited with his Amerasian daughter after 50 years thanks to a chance call from a genealogist. Bob Andron's journey of longing and hope sheds light on the untold stories of Vietnamese-American families separated by the war.

Toddler’s Surprising Reaction At Learning Mom Was Adopted Melts Hearts

A family's security camera captured the wholesome moment a three-year-old girl discovered her mom was adopted.

Brother Steps Up to Take Sister to Daddy-Daughter Dance After Military Dad Loses Life

After their father, a military hero, died in the line of duty, a young girl was heartbroken to receive an invitation to a daddy-daughter dance. But her brother stepped up to the plate and took her to the dance, honoring their father's memory and making his sister's day.
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