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Man’s Emotional Reaction to Meeting Biological Grandfather for First Time

A man was brought to happy tears on his birthday when his doorbell rang and in walked his biological grandfather, who for decades he did not know existed and had never...
The lorikeet resting on Chanel's head (left) and with her grandfather at his new home (right).

Woman Gifts Lonely Grandfather Rainbow Lorikeet – His Late Wife’s Favorite Bird – After...

Chanel Esposito was walking to the gym when a rainbow lorikeet landed on her head. She took the bird home and tried to find its owner, but had no luck. She eventually gifted the bird to her grandfather, who had been feeling lonely since his wife passed away.

Grandpa Tries and Fails to Hide Emotions When Grandkids Travel Cross-Country to Surprise Him...

A stunned grandpa tried and failed to hide his emotions when his grandkids flew across the country to surprise him for the first time in three years.

Aspiring Artist Surprises 96-Year-Old Grandfather With Portrait She Painted of Him Capturing Sweet Reaction...

An aspiring artist surprised her 96-year-old grandfather with a portrait she painted of him while capturing his excitable reaction on camera.

Four-year-old Who Misses Grandpa Living on the Other Side of the Country is Captured...

A four-year-old missing her grandpa who lives on the other side of the country was captured on security camera taking down a photo of him, hugging it, and crying while sitting on her bed.

Grandpa Gets Emotional When He Hears Granddaughter Sing in Spanish for First Time

A grandpa sobbed tears of joy when he heard his granddaughter sing a sentimental song in his native Spanish for the first time.

Besotted Grandpa Fights Back Emotion When Making Baby Granddaughter Give “Biggest Smiles” for the...

A besotted grandpa struggled to hide his emotion when causing his baby granddaughter to give him "big smiles" for the first time.

Daughter Travels Cross Country To Surprise Dad With Grandson He’s Never Met

A dad was left stunned after his daughter traveled cross country to surprise him with the one-year-old grandson he was meeting for the very first time.

Nephews Surprise Uncle After Buying Back Restaurant He Used To Own

An uncle couldn't hold back the tears as his nephews surprised him by repurchasing the restaurant he and his father owned for 25 years.
Grandpa on swing

90-Year-Old Beams With Delight As He Plays In Park For First Time In Life

A beloved grandpa could not hide his joy when he got to play in a playground for the very first time at the age of 90.
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