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Woman Gifts Lonely Grandfather Rainbow Lorikeet – His Late Wife’s Favorite Bird – After It Lands on Her Head During Walk

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A woman surprised her grandfather with a rainbow lorikeet, his late wife’s favorite bird, after it landed on her head during a morning walk.


Chanel Esposito was walking to the gym with her boyfriend in Melbourne, Australia, when the rainbow lorikeet swooped down and landed on him.

The bird quickly leaped onto Chanel’s head and proceeded to stick with them as they continued their walk.

After returning home and feeding the bird, she attempted to find its owner.

But after hours of searching online and asking around, the owner could not be located.

Eventually, they decided to gift it to Chanel’s grandfather Bruno Esposito – referred to as Nonno – to give him some company.


Bruno had been feeling lonely after his wife, Chanel’s grandmother, passed away a few months prior.

Upon surprising him with the bird, Bruno and the Lorikeet instantly made a connection.

The lorikeet resting on Chanel's head (left) and with her grandfather at his new home (right).
The lorikeet resting on Chanel’s head (left) and with her grandfather at his new home (right). ©T&T Creative Media

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Chanel said: “My grandpa was lonely in these recent times without my grandmother, I knew he needed someone or something to help him get through.


“I decided to give the bird to him.

“When I showed him the bird & gave it to him, he proceeded to tell me that my grandmother’s favorite bird was the rainbow lorikeet. And how much she adored these gorgeous birds.

Bruno whistles to his new pet. ©T&T Creative Media

“I was taken of guard as this had all happened on Valentine’s Day, I’m very open and aware of spiritualism so I took this as some kind of sign.

“I knew my nonna had something to do with this.

“It was an instant connection between my nonno and the bird. They got along straight away. And till this day are striving together.”



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