A nine-year-old boy was given a wholesome surprise when he opened the back door of his dad’s car to discover his brother, who he had not seen in half a year.
A woman who had just suffered her third miscarriage "ugly cried" when her boyfriend boosted her spirits by surprising her with the puppy she had always dreamed of.
A teenage basketball player froze stiff when she noticed courtside her father had travelled 15 hours to surprise her for her birthday and watch her play.
A five-year-old Little Leaguer has gone viral after he decided to bust a series of dance moves to his walkout song.
A dog picks up a familiar scent while walking past a ‘stranger’ during walkies – before excitedly realizing his owner has returned home after 10 months apart.
Goodbye kiss
Couple go viral when husband drives back home to give his wife a goodbye kiss when he realized he forgot to do so before leaving for work.
A mom froze in shock when her daughters took her to a skatepark and surprised her with her biological son who she hadn’t seen in 18 years.
This is the heart-warming moment a step-daughter creates an elaborate scavenger hunt for clues that lead her step-dad to surprise adoption papers.
A healthcare worker who posted she wanted a coffee on Facebook couldn’t believe it when her deployed military husband replied to say he was on his way – before arriving at hospital with one.
A beloved grandma received an outpouring of love online after a video of her being unable to stop shaking with shock when she was surprised by her son and his family after years went viral.