A five-year-old Little Leaguer’s walk-up dance has gone viral after he decided to bust a series of dance moves to his walkout song.

The video of Ben Sadlowski has so far received more than five million views, one million likes, and comments from all over the world to say that it made people’s days.

The clip was shared by Ben’s mom, Monica, 40, from Manteca, California, who was watching her son’s Little League game on May 17.

Each player has their own walkout song, Monica said; her son just decided to take things a little further than others that day.

As the song started playing and Ben began walking to home plate, he first started to wave his wings like a bird, keeping in time to the music.


Then, having reached to the plate, Ben wasn’t finished, either: he proceeded to put his bat down, wave his arms, and bust out a series of moves with his legs.

Those watching on could not contain their laughter, with Monica, who was recording, heard giggling behind the camera.

Speaking of the moment at the Northgate Little League game, Monica said: “We were all laughing, both teams. 

“It’s typical for him to feel the music and start dancing. 


“I have several videos of him doing this thing since he was very young.

“I really encourage our boys to be themselves, and it shows.

“We have been so overwhelmed at the joy the video brought people.

“When I see so many people saying they were having a bad day until they saw that video, it was surreal and honoring. 

“Both teams had walkout songs that day – Ben just chose to feel it a bit more!”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.