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Father Bursts Into Happy Tears When He Receives A Cap Of His Favorite Sports...

A grandpa-to-be burst into happy tears when his daughter revealed her pregnancy news on a personalized hat of his favorite football team.
IVf clinic staff surprise couple with baby news

Fertility Clinic Staff Go Viral As They Surprise Couple With Baby News

Fertility clinic staff went viral after sharing a video of themselves celebrating the news of a successful IVF pregnancy with a happy couple.

Police Officer Cannot Hide His Shock When A Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Amazing...

A police officer’s shock quickly switched to delight when a routine traffic stop turned into a surprise pregnancy reveal set up by his wife.
Fanny pack pregnancy reveal

Man Who Couldn’t Wait to Be a Dad So He Could “Rock A Fanny...

A man who couldn’t wait to be a dad so he could get away with rocking a fanny pack was stunned when his wife surprised him with one - with a positive pregnancy test inside. Sebastien Jolicoeur, 29, from British Columbia, Canada, made the statement to his wife, Olivia, 26, last year, which gave Olivia the perfect idea for a surprise pregnancy announcement.

Mom-To-Be Stages Photoshoot Before Revealing Pregnancy To Unsuspecting Husband

A husband was left shocked when a photoshoot he was takign part in turned out to be a surprise - with his wife revealing she was pregnant.

Grandma-To-Be Surprised With Pregnancy Reveal By Her Son – Despite At First Not Picking...

This is the hilarious moment a grandma-to-be didn't get the hidden message in her family’s word association game, despite shouting her daughter-in-law is pregnant multiple times.

Daughter Surprises Grandparents-to-be With Scratch Card Pregnancy Reveal

These parents were almost stumped trying to discover their prize after matching three babies on a scratch off - before hilariously figuring out their daughter is pregnant.

Incredible Acrobatic Mom-To-Be Performs Amazing Yoga Moves While 38 Weeks Pregnant

These incredible AcroYoga moves are hard enough to perfect at the best of times.

Dad-To-Be Proposes At Baby Shower By Writing Message On Baby Grow Before Getting Down...

A dad-to-be surprised his girlfriend at their baby shower with a gift containing a sweet proposal written on a baby grow before serenading her and getting down on one knee.

Couple Expecting Triplets Surprise Family And Friends

A couple announced they are expecting triplets to family and friends by showing them the sonogram and recording their hilarious reactions as they figure out the news.